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Tag:  Lavin worked harder to ensure

Tag: Lavin worked harder to ensure

Sheldon Lavin is among the people with successful career life today. He happens to be the CEO of OSI Group currently and he aims at taking the company to greater heights in terms of organization and management. Whenever OSI Group is mentioned, most people have the food and meat products in mind. In Illinois, the company is based in Aurora. Food service and retail sector are what the company is mainly known for. It is amazing to note that Lavin was an outsider when he joined the company. His active involvements in the company’s operations were evident in 1970. By then, the company wasn’t known as the OSI Group, but it was Otto & Sons Company that Otto and his sons owned.

The potential that the company had in the 1970s was unmatched. The company had a chance to supply hamburgers to McDonald Corporation in large quantities. Nonetheless, this was possible since there were some financial hitches that Lavin had to come and correct. The kind of growth the company realized when Lavin came in as the financial advisor was great. Lavin also worked hard to ensure the company could get adequate funds from the reputable financial institutions.

Lavin realized in 1975 that there is more he could offer to the company besides financial advice. He played a major role in ensuring the company got a good share of investments and business overseas. After Mr. Otto retired, Lavin opted to work with the left sons and this saw the company’s name change to OSI Group. Lavin worked harder to ensure the company’s clientele base in Illinois became broader and even spread to the rest of the world. Amazingly, the company was able to supply its products to Asia, North America, Japan, Europe, Australia, Philippines and South Africa. This great move could not have been possible if Lavin was mean to his leadership skills and management abilities.

Since the company had spread in several continents under his leadership, Lavin took over the company by buying a controlling interest. He hasn’t just changed the way food processing in the company is done, but also the view many people have over the processed products. He has made the complex supply chain management possible by specializing in large-scale operations. Lavin has earned the company this great success because he is always open to working with ambitious people and like-minded individuals. He has enhanced the company’s collaborative culture through teamwork and this has helped him reduce employee turnover rates.

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