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Tag:  Importance of enjoying

Tag: Importance of enjoying

New Orleans native Dr. Mark McKenna is a physician, real estate investor and someone who cares about the community. He has practiced medicine with his father in Louisiana, built a successful real estate company and was also on the New Orleans Industrial Development Board and the New Orleans Jazz Festival board as well. Dr. McKenna was committed to his patients, his tenants and the people of the city of New Orleans. Then came Hurricane Katrina and the destruction, pain and suffering it unleashed on New Orleans in 2005. When the waters subsided, Dr. McKenna’s patients were gone and all the real estate he owned was covered in sludge.

Even with his sources of income greatly diminished, Dr. Mark McKenna remained in New Orleans to help with the rebuilding efforts in the city he had loved all his life and for the community to which he was deeply committed. He drew on his remaining resources and built affordable housing for some of the people that stayed in New Orleans. Satisfied that he had done all he could to help, Dr. McKenna moved to Atlanta in 2007 to begin rebuilding his career. The Tulane University Medical School grad founded a wellness and aesthetics practice called ShapeMed. It was a rousing success.

In 2014 Dr. McKenna sold the company to Life Time Fitness Inc. He spent two and a half years as their national medical director before starting and serving as CEO of OVME, a medical aesthetics company focused on elective healthcare. A husband, father and passionate patient advocate, Dr. Mark McKenna adds balance to his life by spending time sharing meals with his family, practicing martial arts, meditating and doing creative visualization. His experiences in New Orleans have taught him the importance of enjoying his activities, because he knows in an instant everything can change dramatically.

As he continues to rebuild his life and focus on new goals and dreams, Dr. McKenna draws inspiration from the work of Elon Musk, Barack Obama and Michael Bloomberg. As he moves forward, Dr. Mark McKenna reminds himself of the saying ‘Speed without direction is useless’

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