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Recently, an article on Patch.com covered Stream Energy and how they set up the Stream Cares Foundation, which was a huge help during Hurricane Harvey. Instead of sitting around waiting for someone else to help out, the company moved in to help. They did so by, first, creating the foundation in order to cement an arm of their company that will continue to be dedicated to practicing philanthropy all over the United States. This charitable arm of the company then worked to ease energy costs for its customers in the Texas area and by helping families who were directly effected by the hurricane.

Stream Energy is proud to have set up a philanthropy organization, and they look forward to being able to help people and reap the benefits of being a company that actively cares. The truth is that businesses or corporations setting up their own philanthropy arms is a relatively new thing. While it is true that many companies do practice philanthropy, a lot of the times it is widely publicized in order to deflect the public from a scandal that is occurring with a C-level executive. Stream Energy is joining a nationwide multi-billion dollar effort on the part of corporations to become a part of the solution instead of simply looking to get their name out there.

While this may be hard for some to believe, Stream Energy is a company that really does care, and they have already been working with the Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity  far before they officially opened up their philanthropy arm. Stream Energy has also been a part of helping out the homeless, and they have noted that there has been a large increase in homelessness in Dallas, Texas. To help out, the company partnered with Hope Supply Co. to not only pay for more than 1,000 homeless kids to have a day at the annual Splash for Hope at a water park, which included free meals, but also to help out with clothing, diapers, school supplies, and much more that is needed.

Stream Energy has no plans to slow down its charitable giving, and this will be a good thing for those who are in need.