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New Orleans native Dr. Mark McKenna is a physician, real estate investor and someone who cares about the community. He has practiced medicine with his father in Louisiana, built a successful real estate company and was also on the New Orleans Industrial Development Board and the New Orleans Jazz Festival board as well. Dr. McKenna was committed to his patients, his tenants and the people of the city of New Orleans. Then came Hurricane Katrina and the destruction, pain and suffering it unleashed on New Orleans in 2005. When the waters subsided, Dr. McKenna’s patients were gone and all the real estate he owned was covered in sludge.

Even with his sources of income greatly diminished, Dr. Mark McKenna remained in New Orleans to help with the rebuilding efforts in the city he had loved all his life and for the community to which he was deeply committed. He drew on his remaining resources and built affordable housing for some of the people that stayed in New Orleans. Satisfied that he had done all he could to help, Dr. McKenna moved to Atlanta in 2007 to begin rebuilding his career. The Tulane University Medical School grad founded a wellness and aesthetics practice called ShapeMed. It was a rousing success.

In 2014 Dr. McKenna sold the company to Life Time Fitness Inc. He spent two and a half years as their national medical director before starting and serving as CEO of OVME, a medical aesthetics company focused on elective healthcare. A husband, father and passionate patient advocate, Dr. Mark McKenna adds balance to his life by spending time sharing meals with his family, practicing martial arts, meditating and doing creative visualization. His experiences in New Orleans have taught him the importance of enjoying his activities, because he knows in an instant everything can change dramatically.

As he continues to rebuild his life and focus on new goals and dreams, Dr. McKenna draws inspiration from the work of Elon Musk, Barack Obama and Michael Bloomberg. As he moves forward, Dr. Mark McKenna reminds himself of the saying ‘Speed without direction is useless’

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     The potential for an upset in Pennsylvania is giving Trump nightmares. The possibility that the 18th district of Pennsylvania will end up losing its Republican incumbent is a sign that the Trump movement might have peaked and that we are now going to see its decline. Conor Lamb wants to be the guy that will take this victory and he is receiving the full support of End Citizens United in order to make it a reality. While there are those out there who say this is going to be little more than a fluke, the writing on the wall says otherwise.

The shocking upset in Pennsylvania is something nobody expected roughly 2 years ago. People believed that Trump would prove to be a spectacular failure and give the office to Hillary Clinton. However, things seem to be turning around rather quickly with special elections favoring the Democrats. As a state that played a pivotal role in the election of Trump it’s going to be interesting to see where things go in this upcoming special election. If Lamb can pull off a victory, it will be yet another sign that this year is the year Democrats manage to take back power.

End Citizens United has made a reputation for itself as one of the most prominent opponents of big money in politics for a reason. You simply can’t find too many out there who have made it clear they have the desire to do what ever they can to give people the final say so in the way that their country is run. Instead, you see corporate lobbyists trying to ensure they provide the majority of funding. This PAC is designed to help people take back their country from the interests that have sought take their voices out of the process.

Conor Lamb is going to be a test run for November. If he wins and he does so by a large margin it’s going to setback Trump’s success in working class America. He has already seen a loss in Alabama with the victory of Doug Jones, but this would be especially upsetting since Pennsylvania was so important to his image. He ran as a man trying to fight for blue collar Americans and he has seen many disappoints in that regard. Coal jobs are not coming back like they used to and issues affecting the people of the 18th district are still there. End Citizens United understands how this is going to change things and they want to be the ones to give Lamb what he needs to win. The road uphill is going to be a difficult one but it will certainly give the movement to bring politics back to the people much needed wins.


This is what you call small-dollar grassroots fundraising. Our members are pumped for Conor Lamb!

Posted by End Citizens United on Thursday, February 1, 2018

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China has over a billion people. As one of the world’s largest nations, it also has a diverse group of people. The Chinese retail market is huge. Many companies around the world have increasingly realized that they can successfully expand into China. They know that in recent years the average per capita income in China has grown steadily. This puts more money into the average Chinese person’s hands. As a result, many Chinese people are happy to spend money. One company that is presently expanding into this vast market is OSI Group. Officials at this large conglomerate in Aurora, IL have been involved in the Chinese market for over two decades. However, President and Chief Executive Officer David G. McDonald and his team of visionary staffers still see yet more room for expansion in the markets here. They know that the Chinese market is likely to play an even greater role in the future. They also know that Chinese consumers are also likely to look for ways to enjoy a delicious meal even when they are busy. Company officials have come to understand the ever growing power of the market here in the past and see even more growth to come.

Eight Factories

At present, OSI Group operates eight factories in China. They appreciate having a well trained group of employees who are capable of meeting strict deadlines and adhering to tight safety standards. They also appreciate working with a group of workers who are dedicated to the company’s goals in every way possible. Many Chinese people have migrated from the countryside to the larger cities. However, the population of China has still remained constant in many parts of the country. This has helped officials at OSI Group find a willing group of employees in many parts of the country they can find to help them run their factories. Under such circumstances, those who watch this industry closely are not surprised to learn that plans are underway for expansion in yet more areas of China. Company officials at OSI Group plan to open up several additional factories. They are hopeful they can keep expanding in the Chinese market. They know they can provide high quality items for the local consumer market. Officials also know they can have highly effective operations in China that allow them to provide equally high quality food for their consumers in other parts of the globe.

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Cancer Treatment Centers of America, (CTCA) is passionate about guiding cancer patients in their unique experiences starting with diagnosis, planning individual treatment, and aftercare and support. CTCA is world renowned in providing state of the art technology and advanced care options which include radiation, chemotherapy, surgery, and immunotherapy. Clinicians at CTCA with experienced cancer care are able to deliver evidence- informed supportive therapies to their patients to help alleviate nausea, fatigue, pain, and various other side effects.

Cancer and Treatment Options offered at Cancer and Treatment Centers of America will depend on the type of cancer an individual has been diagnosed with. Each approach to treatment is individually based, and is never the same from patient to patient. Whether it be lung, breast, colon, prostate, skin, or any other form of cancer, CTCA offers the most up to date and comprehensive treatments and therapies so that patients can make informed decisions and have optimal quality of life.

Lung cancer, for example has treatment options that vary from other types of cancers. It is the second most common type of cancer among American women and men, and is the leading cause of most cancer related deaths than any other cancers combined. Most lung cancers are treated with surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation therapy, sometimes a combination of all three. Clinicians at CTCA use targeted therapy which treats the cancer by focusing in on a specific gene mutation in a person’s tumor cells. Incorporating immunotherapy drugs further triggers the immune system to attack the cancer, but is an option for some, not all patients.

Overall, Cancer Treatment Centers of America’s focus is to devise a patient specific treatment plan for each individual that includes all facets of diagnosis, treatment, and exploratory options so that each and every patient may have all of the necessary resources to move forward in the best treatment options available for their specific needs.

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Adam Milstein is an Isreali-American who was born in 1952. He is Managing Partner of Hager Pacific Properties. He founded his foundation in 2000. It is called the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. The goal of the foundation is to help Isreali students learn about their past. He is also the Chairman of the Board of the Isreali-American Council. The goal of this group is to be able to strengthen ties between the United States and Isreal. Adam Milstein is also a philanthropist dedicated to supporting the causes and the children of Isreal. In an interview with Ideamensch, Adam Milstein talks about his life and has some practical advice for people.

Adam Milstein came to the United States to further his education and learned very quickly how to become a success in real estate. He says the one thing that keeps him going on a daily basis is being a philanthropist. As his businesses grow and expand he never knows what a typical day is. Being able to give back to people is what makes his hectic schedule more complete.

He says the one that really excites him about the future is the constant fluctuation of the real-estate market. One day the supply may not be equal to the demand and a few weeks later it could easily be the reverse. This is what motivates him to stay in the business of real estate for as long as he has.

He recommends that people should take a close look at the situation they find themselves in and trust their own instincts in business as well as life. Being able to understand a problem that is in front of you is the first step in order to find the proper solution. He also says that people should follow up with contacts and be consistent in their approach. Adam Milstein is determined to link the past with the future. Being a philanthropist has helped him realize that giving back is the way to go. Making sure the legacy of the Isreali people continues is at the heart of what he does and more

Even though Tony Petrello is in the business of geothermal processing and oil drilling, he likes to make a difference in different areas. He feels good about the things he is doing and tries to always show people how they can have a positive impact on different things in the industry. He also works with other industries to make sure people know what they are getting so they can enjoy different opportunities. By looking at these things, Tony Petrello knows what it will take to give back to people and to show them how they can make a big difference in their own lives. It is his way of pushing to make things easier on people and pushing to show them how they can benefit from other options.

When he joined the Texas Children’s Hospital as the director, he knew what he was going to do. He also knew he was going to make sure people could see different things and could experience more based on what they were given in different situations. He was going to make the hospital better than it ever had been. He wanted to do it for the children and the parents who wanted their children to have a chance at a better life.

No matter what Tony Petrello was doing, he was trying to make a positive impact. He learned about how people were trying things and about how they were going to make things better. He also did his best to give attention to the issues going on in the world around him. It was all up to Tony Petrello and to the team he had come up with to make sure he was doing things right and make sure there were opportunities for him to feel good about what he could do on his own.

As long as Tony Petrello was making things better and as long as he was trying to show people how they could do better, he knew what it would take to continue offering new opportunities to people in different situations. Everything was what Tony Petrello had wanted and it was his way of making sure people understood there would be positive things going on in the community around him. It was also how he planned to give others a chance at a better future. For Tony Petrello, there were things that would help him feel good about the work he was doing.

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Omar Boraie is the sole reason why the city of New Brunswick, New Jersey is alive and active today. In a time when the 1% have an awful reputation, Omar Boraie brings goodness back to the group of people. It is evidence that not all rich people have cruel and vindictive hearts. Rather, this man has been like a second father to the city of New Brunswick.

Omar Boraie has dedicated 40 years of his life to helping New Brunswick become the city he dreamed it could be. He longed to make it and model it after the great economic centers that could be found in the European Union. Many people scoffed at his ideals, but he now can sit back knowing that he did a wonderful job making that a reality. For more details visit Crunchbase.

Sam Boraie helped to rebuild New Brunswick by first focusing on the families. New Brunswick had a horrible reputation of being a place you do not want to raise your children. He financed several nonprofits in the area that could focus on making this place more accepting to families. One of them became a partner with State Theater to provide seven free movie nights to those who were living in the community. This outreach lasted for two months and gave 7500 families time to connect with those that they loved.

Omar Boraie then helped rebuild New Brunswick by keeping jobs in the local area. As any dying city knows, people are always going to follow the jobs. New Brunswick was losing their available jobs at a discouraging rate. Omar Boraie heard on the street that Johnson & Johnson was considering leaving. He sat down with them and financially worked out a plan to allow them to stay in the city and even employ additional workers. Check out statetheatrenj.org to see more.

Omar then began trying to bring back the middle class professionals that were so vital to his city. His plan was to create class A office space that normally would be very expensive but then offer it for a lower price than competing cities. This would allow young upstart professionals who normally could not afford such office space to come to New Brunswick and begin the practice. This had the added benefit of making those practices seem more illustrious than they really were. Omar Boraie did the exact same thing with residential space and professionals moved to the city and began paying taxes.

Now that Fabletics is taking on Amazon, they are proving themselves to be a great company. They are also doing what they can to help people through the issues they have in different situations. Fabletics does their best to provide the right type of clothing options to all of their customers even when they don’t have the ability to give them the things that will actually help them. For Fabletics, this is an important part of the business and something that will continue to help them through different situations. As long as Fabletics is doing the right thing for their customers, they will continue to thrive in the business and that’s what has made them excellent at what they do.


Fabletics brings attention to different situations that people may be using their clothes for. They cater the outfits specifically to each person who wants to try different things. They also make sure they are giving everyone the options they need no matter how they can bring the clothes to them. For Fabletics, this is a part of who they are and a part of the way the business has worked for years. It is also part of what has made them the best they can be for each of their customers.


Depending on the issues that people may face, Fabletics knows they can try to give back to the community. They also do what they can to show people how their clothes are going to help them. Kate Hudson helped Fabletics come up with ideas for their business. The reverse showroom was a way for her to help people realize what they wanted and realize how they could get the best clothes possible. It was also something that gave her a chance to try different things while also connecting with the customers she had.


For years, there have been different things that people have had to deal with in their own lives. They may not have had the right chance to experience the best opportunities and they may have had to work through different situations if they were doing things on their own. While Fabletics is not the highest or topmost brand in their industry, they are working to get to that point. Now that they are taking on Amazon, there is a chance they will get there and will be able to continue going up from that point on.z

According to Perry Mandera, founder, owner and president of North Lake, Illinois based transportation and logistics service firm The Custom Companies, Inc., a bill of lading is of great importance and has a very significant purpose. Mandera, who has been involved in the transportation industry for over 40 years, said a bill of lading has three essential purposes. It’s evidence a company has a contract of carriage, it’s a receipt of goods and it’s also a document title for the goods. This document helps ensure smooth operation of the shipping chain. Follow Perry Mandera on linkedin.com.

Contract Of Carriage

As a contract of carriage, a bill of lading is often used in litigation to address questions related to shipping. It ensures a seller’s parameters are met when a carrier possesses cargo it has been contracted to deliver. Should the bill of lading be incorrectly filled out, criminal charges can be brought against the carrier.

Receipt Of Goods

A bill of lading is proof cargo to be shipped has been received by the carrier. The document can also prove the cargo was in good condition when the carrier received it. If a buyer receives damaged goods, the seller can use the bill of lading to determine whether the manufacturer or the carrier was at fault.

Title To Goods Transported

With a bill of lading the holder can transfer the right to claim transported goods to another party. This power is helpful in negotiations in some cases. The carrier can hold the bill of lading until they receive full payment for their services. They can also transfer those rights to another party to ensure the goods are delivered.

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Perry Mandera became involved in trucking while a U.S. Marine reservist. At age 23, he started a transportation company. Five years later, he sold it and started The Custom Companies. Mandera’s company was the first in the trucking industry to offer full service transportation when it was started in 1986.

The Custom Companies offers it clients local cartage, LTL, truckload and airfreight service. The company has set the trucking industry standard for reliability, dependability, affordability and world class service. Visit Blogwebpedia website to know more about Perry Mandera.

This piece was published on the Camara Municipal website not long ago. Ricardo Annes Guimarães serves as Banco BMG’s President. He’s a trusted businessman who has a strong reputation in locations all throughout Brazil. He comes from Belo Horizonte. City Hall gave Guimarães a great distinction recently. He was given a diploma that showcased all of his accomplishments. This happened on the 18th of April. Léo Burguês de Castro is the House’s President. He handled the ceremony’s introduction. Daniel Nepomuceno followed his introduction immediately. He stated that it made him feel extremely proud to acknowledge Guimarães’ achievements. He praised Guimarães in a significant way. He stated that he was among the few Brazilian entrepreneurs who cared about the country’s sports investments and related matters. So many people had lovely things to say about this businessman. They talked about his pure devotion to athletics. They discussed his interests in everything from volleyball and tennis to Olympic gymnastics and football as well. Guimarães is an example of an executive who has a zeal for the sporting world that’s quite simply unrivaled at the moment.

Guimarães showed a lot of gratitude during the ceremony as well. People praised him considerably. He, in turn, had a lot of praise for them, too. He discussed that he believes that the aforementioned Nepomuceno is a kind soul. He went into his adoration for Belo Horizonte as a place, too. He indicated that Belo Horizonte is home to the beloved members of his family. He also indicated that it’s home to the origins of his vocation. Guimarães indicated that it means everything to maintain his grandfather’s incredible legacy. He stated that no other bank cares more about athletes and about sports in general than BMG.

Guimarães’ father made an appearance at the ceremony, too. People who attended it had the opportunity to see Flávio Pentagna Guimarães in action. There were a good number of other noteworthy individuals in attendance at the big event as well.

Ricardo Guimarães has an in-depth website. This site talks about many subjects that involve Guimarães and his day-to-day activities and operations. People who visit the site can learn so much about the tireless and earnest entrepreneur. They can learn all about diverse subjects such as the inflation of rent. They can get insight that involves doing well as an entrepreneur in Brazil. They can even learn a lot about current sports affairs.

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