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In the early 80’s, music was considered as food to the soul. Music was highly valued, and the singers were equally treated depending on the music genre. This is the reason why most people still adore music sung in the 80’s and the 90’s. During this time, Brazilian metal band ‘Viper’ was very famous for its pop and rock songs. The group was founded by five talented individuals that included Andre, Pit, Yves, Felipe and Cassio Audi. Cassio Audi was the most notable member of the group due to his talent and skills as a band drummer.

Cassio Audi also played other key roles including the management of the group finance to help the band thrive. Nevertheless, his expertise with the drum was exceptional. The music group released their first demo album called ‘The Killer Sword’ in the early 80’s. The motivation to produce the album was inspired by Iron Maiden band and the rise of British heavy metal music. It first original album was called ‘Soldier of Sunrise,’ and it sold millions of copies across the globe. Their second album was also a huge success in Brazil, and it had great lyrics with a classical touch.

Through Cassio Audi tenacity and commitment, the band was able to enjoy massive airplay and travel around the world with their electric performance. They toured Europe and America and the fact that they could sing in English, which was their second language, amused most rock bands outside Brazil. Cassio Audi is also a talented music composer and an astute lyricist, and he greatly assisted the group to compose one of their successful albums, ‘Theater of Fate.’ Cassio Audi left the group in 1989 for greener pastures. However, he remains as a legend in the heart of Brazilian rock music fanatics due to his remarkable talents. People close to him also know him as a critical thinker, a team leader, and a strategist.

Nuodb is simply a database management system for moving files in the cloud. It is important to note that it is SQL oriented. Nuodb can be named a New SQL includes features for supporting scale-out processes in environments of cloud-computing. It was marketed and developed by the software vendor NuoDB Inc, titled originally in 2008 as Numbus D.B. The original designer of this company was Jim Starkey. He was a database industry veteran who was responsible for two early database programs. BLOBs and MVCC.

There are different features Nuodb includes There is a layered feature which means that NuoDB works without the close coupling of disk drive data and an app. Nuodb splits elements of data into small software objects known as “atoms”. The database is formed over a design to support SQL cloud-based elasticity to ensure that all the objects of data are safe. Also, the atoms support (MVCC) to resolve computer conflicts and detects deadlocks of data. Finally, it allows for communication for far away locations.


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James Dondero’s name is synonymous with investing excellence and productive business ventures. Presently James Dondero is president and Co-founder of Highland Capital Management. This is the latest of his successful ventures in investment and leadership.

James Dondero graduated from the University of Virginia with a Bachelors of Science in Accounting and Finance. He never stopped achieving in the business world since he has graduated. Right now he lives in Dallas where one of the locations of Highland Capital has a strong presence in the Dallas community. To get to his high-status James has been through a path of hard work and learning.

James Dondero has worked mainly in the credit markets for over twenty-five years. His CV includes an impressive track record with all of the following financial elements, derivatives, mortgage backed securities, common stocks, preferred stocks, fixed income funds and much more. His experience comes from working with American Express, JP Morgan, and several others big financial names in the world.

James Dondero’s latest company Highland Captial Management has offices around the world. Brazil and Singapore are just two of the smart low-cost financial locations of the world to help run a successful investment company. Highland Capital offers specialized financial opportunities that have attracted both retail and institutionalized investors.

Highland Capital Management not only provides excellent global investment opportunities. but the company also gives back. James Dondero heads donating millions of dollars to the Dallas communities and also the communities in need worldwide.

James Dondero has put in his ten thousand hours of hard work into the investment community. His successful business ventures are just one example of how hard work, education, and experience can pay-off and have you be it, man, people want to work with. Thousands of people trust James Dondero and his team with their money for investment and growth. If you are in the Dallas area and have investment question make sure to contact James Dondero or Highland Capital Management for your investment questions and needs. You are sure to get a nice Texas welcome and gain an education in investment success.

Greg Secker is among the leading Forex traders in the world. Over the year he has been able to build a vast business empire. The Greg Secker Foundation, whose main objective is to improve the welfare of humanity around the world, is one of his latest ventures. Through the foundation, Greg promotes life skills and education. Greg got his breakthrough while working for Thomas Cook Financial Services, and this marked the beginning of his venture into the Forex trading business. He always recommends Forex for those individuals that want to earn about trading. In order to be a successful Forex trader, Greg advises that one must begin by learning how to effectively manage risk and then get familiar with fundamental Forex indicators. Forex trading appears to be a very complex venture, but one can still make good profits with the right skills and determination.

About Greg Secker

Greg Secker is a London-based international speaker, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and master trader. The proud father was born 42 years ago, and his expertise in Forex trading has made him known globally. He studied at the University of Nottingham where he graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science Degree. Greg created the Knowledge to Action Group after leaving Mellon Financial Corporation. Greg’s other companies that include Smart Chart Software, Capital Index, and the Greg Secker Foundation fall under the Knowledge to Action Group. These organizations’ mission is to improve the lives of people by helping them to become excellent traders.

Apart from being a successful businessman, Greg is also involved in philanthropic work. His charitable works have been recognized in the UK. The Knowledge to Action Group has received many awards and recognition in recent years including being ranked among the top 50 companies of choice by Sunday Times Fast Track 100 Award in 2010 and the London Excellence Award in 2009. Greg owns an online Forex trading platform known as VDT. His experience includes working with some of the best Forex traders in the world while working for Fortune 500 investment bank in the United. His exposure to the international trading floor enabled him to discover new trading strategies.


The investment world is filled with a lot of companies that people can invest in. What people may not realize is that there is someone that can help them make better decisions about what they will invest in. Agora Financial is one such company. The analysts for Agora Financial have put in the time to explore businesses and discover the best investments.

There are tons of people that are going to be able to make better investment decisions all based on the subscriptions to the Agora Financial literature. This is a company that has managed to bring forth some of the best investments for people that want to get involved with companies that are in a rapid growth stage. Many people will be pleased with the way that this company provides a lot of different options for stocks, mutual funds and index funds. Agora Financial helps people build great portfolios.

For more information follow Agora Financial on Twitter.

As a college men’s basketball coach, the territory comes with many responsibilities. Tanning Hufnagel captures all of these and is on his way to a bright career. A coach not only leads a team, but helps the men grow; both as atheletes as well as men. With the college level being so important for college atheletes, it is important to have a coach that cares deeply for the his atheletes as well as the game itself. From being a strong manager, to being a powerful speaker; a coach must manage and control his team so that they may perform at their peak and keep themselves composed; on, and off the court.

Yanni Hufnagel has been grooming himself to be a successful basketball coach since a child. He has recently taken a position as an assistant coach for the Nevada Wolf Pack under head coach, Eric Musselman. As a boy he read. As a college student he worked as a manager on the college basketball team. He eventually earned an internship with the New Jersey Nets. All of these have given him the knowledge and ability to further his goal to eventually becoming an impressive assistant coach that has the ability to progress even farther.

Yanni Hunagel’s passion and enthusiasm for the game will lead him down the road to a long and prosperous career. He has a resume that would attract almost manager to be excited to have Yanni as a part of their coaching staff. With his experience as an assistant coach at Harvard, Vanderbilt, and UC Berkeley, coupled with masters degree in education, he has the foundation to lead atheletes to success. These attribute, along with his desire for continuing learning and growth is what makes him a man that can shape the lives of many atheletes…and this is just the start for Yanni Hufnagel.

ClassDojo is an educational communication app that promotes interaction between parents, teachers, and students. It is an excellent way for parents to stay updated on their child’s performance in social activities, academia, and conduct throughout the day. It has been an amazing tool for building and strengthen the relationships between parents, teachers, and the students. The app uses a point based reward system where the students can earn different points based on which behavior that earn that day. The teacher can easily click and assign behaviors on the go. The students enjoy using the fun platform and they like to option to customize their avatar so they can compare it to their classmates.

ClassDojo is also a great tool for teachers to save time. Since teachers are always busy and juggling a large workload, ClassDojo is a great way for them to record behaviors in a simple and easy way. Since it is available on tablets, smartphones, and computers, it is convenient to use and the behavior can be assigned even while the class is moving through the hallway. It also proves to be a useful data sharing tool between the parents and teachers. The teacher simply fills out behaviors and activities throughout the day, and ClassDojo compiles that into a report which is sent to the parents every week.

This promotes more involvement from the parents, which in turn makes the students more encourages to perform and success in school. It is a great tool for both the students and teacher to stay organized and allows the student to see for themselves the thing they are doing well and the thing that they could improve on. ClassDojo also has instant messaging feature in which the parents and teachers can use to quickly communicate with each other. There are also Class Stories, which consists of pictures and videos, so the parents get to watch their student learning.

UKV PLC reminds us that understanding the subject of French wine could be quite intimidating, even for those who consider themselves wine guru’s. However, they offer a solution that simplifies the concept of wine tasting. Those who are just starting to learn about the fundamentals of wine should start by evaluating the “French appellation system,” with the appellation d’origine controlee being the highest quality of wine classification. Wine is in fact classified by regions.

Each region determines the quality or taste of that wine. It gives it it’s “unique characteristics.” The most prominent types are: Burgundy, Bordeaux, Champagne, and Loire. For example, Burgundy produces both red and white wines with equal importance. Burgundy red wines are known for having an earthly taste, and Burgundy white wines tend to have a fruitful taste. One of the “highly prized” wines from this region is the Cote de Beaune Chardonnay.

UKV PLC Wine Investment Company was designed to help simplify the selection of wine and give you centralized access to wines from different regions. This allows for the client to choose the wine that’s most suitable for them. UKV PLC has an array of different selections of wine from all regions.

Merchants not only have the ability to taste the delicious choices, but could also make a potential investment. UKV PLV has a phenomenal social media presence. On their Facebook account, they offer tips and advice on the concept of wine. They are also very responsive to questions or comments that one might have in regards to their company.

If you’re looking to make a purchase, become an experienced wine taster, or a potential investor ULV PLC– Wine Investment Company is a great choice. Be sure to follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, or visit their main website for more contact information.

Learn More UKV PLC: www.endole.co.uk/company/09508939/uk-vintners-of-london-plc

Agora Financial is getting a lot of praise because it has become one of the most successful companies for publishing financial literature. Anyone that is looking for an opportunity to build a better financial portfolio cannot do it on their own. They have to have some financial literature that they are going to utilize to build there financial plan. It is going to be a good idea for anyone that has never utilized a financial broker to put forth the effort to read and research on their own. This is what Agora Financial has analysts in place to do.

These are consultants that go out and research markets that can bring forth a high level of success. The investor that takes the time to educate themselves on the stocks, mutual funds, annuities and treasuries that are profitable will have a much better chance of building a portfolio that can sustain high returns for long periods of time.

Agora Financial has the investors in place that are looking at businesses that are changing the course of the industry. There are lots of times where businesses start small and they become booming industries. This was the case with Amazon. This is a cyber store that sells everything, but at one time this was a business that was only selling books. Apple is another business that has reached the high plateau even though it was overshadowed by Microsoft for decades.

There are a lot of businesses like this that are on the rise, but everyone doesn’t have the financial resources to go out and find these businesses. Investors do not have to worry about trying to find what business is going to flourish next. All they need to do is subscribe to the financial literature from Agora Financial that analyzes the market trends.

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White Shark Media was founded in 2010 and is a leading digital marketing tool that is aimed at catering to small-to-medium-sized businesses. White Shark Media has tailored its specific business plan to serve these size businesses. White Shark Media has currently been acknowledged as one of the fastest-growing media companies in the US while providing a world-class experience in customer-first service. This once “boutique agency” has quickly turned into a company servicing over 500 clients from all kinds of different businesses sectors across the US as more and more companies utilize their online management tools.

White Shark Media was founded on the idea of giving customers are world-class, customer-first experience and that model proves to have delivered well for the company. The company seeks new, innovative solutions to problems that customers have and look to do so at an affordable cost to the company. White Shark Media has also become one of only 29 premier Google Adwords companies that are located within the US since they were given the honor in July 2014. This is an honor that very few companies get to have and White Shark Media is honored to be among the few that have this clearance and privilege. Getting to this point takes dedication and commitment from the company to grow at the rate they are. It’s not every company that can say that they grew at this rate. The company is expected to double in size by May 2015, and continue growing thereafter. This is only possible thanks to this constant commitment to the client’s success has led White Shark Media to where they are today, and will continue to lead them to more exponential growth in the future.

White Shark Media also provides their clients with other services including pay per click management, mobile marketing, search engine optimization, and web development as well as conversion optimization services. Some of their banner clients include companies like iMarine Inc., A Star Movers Texas, and Platinum Pro Painters Canada to name a few. White Shark Media believe they are up for the challenge of growing even further, and they are willing to do what it takes to succeed. They have proven that in the past and will continue to prove it well into the future!

White Shark Media also provides their clients with other services including pay per click management, mobile marketing, search engine optimization, and web development as well as conversion optimization services. Some of their banner clients include companies like iMarine Inc., A Star Movers Texas, and Platinum Pro Painters Canada to name a few.