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Rallying belongs to drivers who have the passion and the perseverance to drive on rough terrains and roads where the races are held. Michel Terpins is one of the rally drivers well-known in Brazil for his ambitious, competitive skills. Recently Michel Terpins completed the most famous rally in Brazil with the assistance if his co-driver Mato Grosso. The duo has been competing for the Bull Sertões Rally Team where they have achieved several awards. The race was the 25th edition since it was started and covered more than 3,300 kilometers. This year, the drivers had to complete the race at the Autodromo Internacional de Goiânia where the fans had gathered for the occasion in a huge number.

Michel Terpins and his assistant were able to secure their position in the T1 prototype category on board the T-Rex driving the T-Rex car. He knew that this year edition of the would be a tough race and had taken the car for modification to make the car strong and able to withstand the harsh roads, a lesson learned from the previous edition where their car developed some technical issues that made them delay for some time before they could get help. Michel Terpins explains that he always enjoyed the race and that he likes to dare the toughest challenges they face every day as this helps him improve his driving skills day by day.

He was confident before the start of the race as he knew his car was robust because of the modifications, having a new V8 engine made him sure that this was perfect for the race. This was the 10th edition of the race that Michel Terpins had participated.

Michel Terpins started racing in the year 2002 in the motorcycle category and later on decided to participate in car racing from his brother’s inspiration Rodrigo Terpins. He showcased his skills while driving his all-time car, the T-Rex. Michel Terpins always had the passion for speed from his family, and this led him to join hands with his brother to form the Bull Sertões team Rally Team. The team has won several races and have been racing for four consecutive seasons driving the T-Rex car, manufactured by the Motorsport.