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Category: What's New With the Police

Category: What’s New With the Police

After quite a week of terrible stories about police forces all around the country, the Cincinnati police force at this time is going to be receiving body cameras. Cincinnati.com reports that the program will force the 600 uniformed police officers in the city to wear the body cameras at all times. This is done in the hope that having all incidents taped will bring down situations of police brutality. 

The cost of this program is estimated to be between $500,000 and $1.5 million. It is not cheap to say the least, but the police force believes that it is an investment that is worth making. They want citizens to feel that they can trust their police force and that they will be protected and served. 

Christian Broda repots that some of the police officers are less than impressed with the program. They say that because the cameras do not capture all angles of the situation that they may not be that great. They only capture what is happening right in front of the officer, which may not be enough to determine what happened in a potential situation. This it the position of some of the testers of the new cameras. None the less, the program is moving forward, and more people are going to have to wear the cameras as a result. Hopefully the final results of this experiment are positive in bringing down questionable situations with police officers.