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Category: What's it all about?

Category: What’s it all about?

Lawmakers in Michigan have been working diligently to pass laws in order to reform services regarding adoption agencies. The bill that was passed on Wednesday allows government funded agencies to deny adoptions to potential parents based on religious beliefs. All three bills passed the Senate with ease. All of the Democratic senators serving the House and one Republican senator, Tory Rocca, voted against the bill. This bill came at a time where conflict in religious beliefs became problems for numerous adoption agencies noted James Dondero. Now these agencies can deny potential parents children, solely based on what they believe or what they don’t believe in. These bills also protect the agencies if anyone were to take action against them. Numerous senators did not sign the bill or vote on how they felt about it. Many of them felt like they had concerns about the current state of the adoption agencies. Before the vote took place, Democratic lawmakers were very vocal in opposing the law and stood firm in their fight for the children. This law will make it increasingly harder for the more than 13,000 kids waiting to be adopted in the state of Michigan. Many of the proponents for this law have noted that this law is extremely outdated and discriminatory. Not only that, but the opinion of a few lawmakers stated that this law will not get these kids out of foster home and orphanages. Democrats are doing their best to propose amendments in order to shoot down the bill. While it is unlikely that the Democrats will have their way, it won’t keep them from fighting.

This next weekend is the official kick off of the summer season. Most children will be out of school, and many others on their way to vacation. With all the happenings in and around the area, many often overlook what Memorial Day is. As a child, I often accompanied my mother and father to the cemeteries each year for grave decorating. This tradition is still in effect in some areas, but others have long lost the time honored ritual.

Proudly on Memorial Day, we would load up the car with all sorts of beautiful flowers, and we would go and decorate the graves. Dad would stop and talk with a few of his old friends that had long been gone, shed a few tears, and leave behind a large bouquet of flowers. Mom would go visit her mother’s grave, as well as her other family members. Memorial Day was actually about the soldiers and remembering the sacrifice they gave for this country. Why is it that today it has just became the kickoff of the summer and a day off of work that it guaranteed? My friend Paul Mathieson concurs with my views of Memorial Day being a day to show our appreciation for our troops.

There were many history lessons for me in the cemeteries each year. I would learn new stories, here some old ones, and even come to miss people I never knew. It’s that history that molds and shapes us into what we are today. With so many people being cremated, not many are even going to graveyards like they used too. However, my children will be accompanying me to the local cemetery and placing flowers on their grandmother’s grave. It’s just about respect.