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Category: Website Upgrade


U.S. Money Reserve is riding the wave of vigorous and consistent interest in precious metals investing. Philip N. Diehl, the President of U.S. Money Reserve, noted on a podcast interview that concerns over monetary policy and a reaction to speculators are leading people to buy gold coins. U.S. Money Reserve’s new e-commerce website is designed to facilitate the purchase of gold, silver, and platinum coins. U.S. Money Reserve is a top seller of coins, and the new website is designed to appeal to makes things easier for a large number of consumers.

CBS 19 heralded the news of the website’s arrival. Even a brief glance at the website reveals it is quite amazing in terms of features and user-friendliness.

U.S. Money Reserve has produced a website that matches the company’s long-established reputation for excellence. The site is designed to support safe online transactions. As would be the case at any retail website, coins may be purchased through secure shopping cart software. In addition, the site provides a thorough catalog of the coins offered by the company. Scores of rare and interesting coins are presented on the website. Potential buyers can examine the coins closely thanks to the crystal clear clarity of the images.

Highly-detailed product information on the website is absolutely beneficial, but reading content on a website has its limits. U.S. Money Reserve has no intention of leaving consumers with questions or concerns without any means to contact a company representative. One-on-one counseling is always available, and visitors can use the toll-free number prominently featured on the website.

The site also serves as an outstanding resource for information on the subject of precious metals. The prices of gold, silver, and platinum are presented on the website in real time. No one needs to search throughout the internet for prices. The site is also home to more detailed information on precious metals investing. A “knowledge center” and a “gold news room” open the doors to learning a lot more about current market conditions and general investing news. The information found in these resources definitely helps those who want more details prior to committing to a purchase.

A special kit can be mailed to those who request one. The kit contains even more information about precious metals. Simply request the kit through the website, and the kit will be mailed out without delay.

U.S. Money Reserve has processed hundreds of thousands of orders over the years. The company is known for its outstanding customer service. Quick and expedient shipping is always performed by the department that handles such work. Any customer who purchases through the website or via the phone can expect the coins are shipped without delay and in the proper packaging.