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Category: Voter Rights

Category: Voter Rights

A bill that proposes the automatic voting registration for those who apply for a new driver’s license is in the works. The bill is meant to correct the poor voter turnout being experienced in the United States. In parliament, legislatures are divided along party lines about the bill. While Democrats support it, Republicans are opposed to it.

A recent HuffPost/YouGov pole suggests that Republicans are out of touch with the citizens. According to the pole, 54% of Americans support the automatic registration. Increasing the number of registered voters seems reasonable enough, considering that more than half of the citizens aged 18-44 are not voting.

Financial experts say that it seems that party members are supporting or opposing the bill depending on how it is meant to affect their political agenda. Democrats favor the bill simply because they think that majority of unregistered voters support the party, while republicans oppose the bill because they think they would win less elections.

No one is admitting to the real reason for the support or opposition to the bill. Each politician is giving different reasons for supporting or opposing it. Most republicans opposed to the bill are saying that it will be too costly an undertaking.

They also argue that automatic registration does not solve the real problem which is poor voter turnout and that registration is already easy. They claim that this kind of system will give room for stealing of elections.