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Category: TSA Sucks

Category: TSA Sucks

Melvin Carraway, the Acting Director Of The T.S.A.Is Out The Acting Deputy Mark Hatfield Is In

When the news broke that TSA agents failed to detect weapons in 67 of the 70 tests carried out by TSA investigators across the country, the head of Homeland Security, Jeh Johnson, had no choice. He had to fire Melvin Carraway, the acting director of the TSA. The acting deputy was put in his place until Obama’s appointee to the post, Vice-Admiral Peter Neffenger of the Coast Guard, is approved by the Senate.

Anyone that flies knows how annoying security checkpoints can be. TSA agents go through the motions of caring about passenger security, but for the most part they are trying to get as many people through the line as quickly as possible. Their lack of enthusiasm for the job got the agency in hot water recently according to Susan McGalla. TSA agents at airports across the country couldn’t find fake explosives and weapons on TSA investigators that were working undercover.

The news that TSA is not doing what it was designed to do is no surprise to some people. Most of the agents rely on the equipment to do the job, and that mentality is dangerous. The TSA system doesn’t work, and it is time Homeland Security fixes it.