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Cancer Treatment Centers of America, (CTCA) is passionate about guiding cancer patients in their unique experiences starting with diagnosis, planning individual treatment, and aftercare and support. CTCA is world renowned in providing state of the art technology and advanced care options which include radiation, chemotherapy, surgery, and immunotherapy. Clinicians at CTCA with experienced cancer care are able to deliver evidence- informed supportive therapies to their patients to help alleviate nausea, fatigue, pain, and various other side effects.

Cancer and Treatment Options offered at Cancer and Treatment Centers of America will depend on the type of cancer an individual has been diagnosed with. Each approach to treatment is individually based, and is never the same from patient to patient. Whether it be lung, breast, colon, prostate, skin, or any other form of cancer, CTCA offers the most up to date and comprehensive treatments and therapies so that patients can make informed decisions and have optimal quality of life.

Lung cancer, for example has treatment options that vary from other types of cancers. It is the second most common type of cancer among American women and men, and is the leading cause of most cancer related deaths than any other cancers combined. Most lung cancers are treated with surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation therapy, sometimes a combination of all three. Clinicians at CTCA use targeted therapy which treats the cancer by focusing in on a specific gene mutation in a person’s tumor cells. Incorporating immunotherapy drugs further triggers the immune system to attack the cancer, but is an option for some, not all patients.

Overall, Cancer Treatment Centers of America’s focus is to devise a patient specific treatment plan for each individual that includes all facets of diagnosis, treatment, and exploratory options so that each and every patient may have all of the necessary resources to move forward in the best treatment options available for their specific needs.

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In the recent past, regenerative medicine has been famous and acceptable by many patients across the world. This is why, biomaterials, molecules, and cells have been donated and transplanted to patients to cure existing injuries and disorders. However, there is a wide gap in the regenerative medicine sector to meet the world’s high demand for cell transplant. Furthermore, regenerative medicine hasn’t been major medical treatment practice in most areas of medicine.

The earliest mode of cell therapy was blood transfusion which is popular in numerous clinics. It was followed by bone marrow transplantation that applied the bone marrow stem cells from a donor to victims of blood cancer. Cell therapy enabled a patient with severe burn injuries and scalds to have a transplant and heal from the injury. Additionally, it produces extraordinary clinical outputs that saves thousands of patients.

The Toronto Surgeon and regenerative medicine professional, Dr. Cameron Clokie, is a serial entrepreneur, a scientist, a maxillofacial and oral surgeon. Dr. Clokie is the Induce Biologics Inc’s Chief Executive Officer that provides innovative solutions for reconstruction of musculoskeletal. He joined McGill University obtained a Doctor Dental Surgery in 1985 and a Bone Regeneration doctorate (Ph.D.). He has engaged in clinical practice and academic dentistry for over 3 decades. Furthermore, he served in various positions on the scientific advisory boards in numerous companies.

In 1998, Cameron Clokie became the Head of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Professor at the University of Toronto. He made numerous international and national presentations and published numerous papers on regenerative medicine and bone reconstruction. Dr. Cameron Clokie presented the Health and Longevity, Science and Technology that focused on the future of regenerative medicine in 2006.

In 2017, Cameron Clokie retired from academics and focus on his company; Induce Biologics Inc. He successfully collaborated with enterprises to remit his regenerative medicine knowledge into commercially feasible businesses. He has handled numerous surgeries and saved the lives of thousands of patients that needed cell therapy. Dr. Clokie practices the full scope of the specialty of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery.

Patty Rocklage is a generous soul. For over twenty years she has devoted herself to helping others overcome life’s struggles. She uses her warm and calming disposition to guide clients towards happiness with her marriage and family therapy practice.

With her platinum blond hair and sunny smile, Patty was right at home at the University of Southern California where she graduated in 1981. She left the warm weather behind when she moved to Sudbury, Massachusetts, but she remains a California dreamer at heart. She shares this desire to make the world a better place with her husband Scott Rocklage Ph.D.

When the former head of the chemistry department at MIT, Sylvia Ceyer, approached the Rocklages about contributing to the needs of Scott’s alma mater, they knew that they wanted to help. Dr. Rockland’s only question was where was the department’s most pressing need. The couple quickly decided to contribute a significant amount to the school’s renovation plans of Building 2.

In July of 2016, the project was finally completed. Patty and Scott Rocklage were invited to tour the newly renovated Lester Wolfe Professor of Chemistry, Moungi Bawendi Nanochemistry, and Nanotechnology Lab Space. Even better, it was Professor Bawendi himself that gave the tour with his graduate students Whitney Hess and He Wei.

When the tour was completed, Patty Rocklage stood proudly next to the plaque in the vestibule that was erected in her and her husband’s honor. She listened contentedly as the current head of the chemistry department, Timothy Jamison, gave a speech thanking the couple for their generous gift. Further words of thanks were spoken by Professor Bawendi and Sylvia Ceyer.

In her typical humble and laid-back style, Patty Rocklage took all the accolades in stride. She was truly content to have contributed to the school where her husband started his profession and career.