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Category: The Pope

The firing of a Catholic Priest at Seton Hall University has caused outrage and protests among students.

According to reports, Father Warren Hall was fired from his position as Director of Ministry at the university. Father Hall alleges he was fired after he published a post to Facebook opposing discrimination against the LGBTQ community.

According to Father Hall the firing happened shortly after he shared a “No H8” meme on Facebook. The university denies that Father Hall was let go because of his Facebook activities, but students have begun a petition for his reinstatement. They are also planning to petition Archbishop John J. Myers for help.

Folks at The Aspire New Brunswick have heard that the Archdiocese has released a statement calling Father Hall’s allegations “bogus”. According to the statement, Hall’s position was part of a planned reassignment. The archdiocese of Newark reserves the right to reassign individual priests in a variety different positions.

The Catholic church has been criticized in recent years for their stance on gay rights and gay marriage. The church is staunchly opposed to gay marriage as they believe the bible states marriage should occur between a man and a woman. Pope Francis, the current leader of the religion, appears to be more modern in his thinking. He has neither criticized or openly accepted homosexuality.