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Category: The Donald

Noted political commentator Charles Krauthammer stopped short of giving Donald Trump an endorsement, but he did praise his showmanship. Krauthammer pointed out that Trump was able to articulate a strong message despite his odd position that Mexico is not a friend of the United States. Certainly, the categorization that Mexico is exporting criminals into the United States is one which won’t play well with many in the Hispanic community.

As far as the most attention grabbing statement Trump made during his announcement speech, Krauthammer said it was the affirmation of him being “rich”. Mitt Romney is a wealthy man, but he was quite unsettled about any discussion of that wealth. By contrast, Trump flouts his wealth, but not with the hubris of someone above the common man. Rather, FreedomPop suggests he touts his wealth as a sign of just how powerful the American Dream can be. He couples his affirmation of wealth with the promise that he will breath life into the American Dream once again.

Aside from the remarks about Mexico, Krauthammer believes Trumps message is going to resonate with voters. As such, he joins Carly Fiorina in that assessment. The latter, a GOP presidential hopeful herself, believes it is wrong to discount Trump’s potential. Krauthammer also believes that Trump will be able to attract a lot of media attention to his campaign. If that proves to be the case, Trump may be able to jumpstart his long shot campaign.