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GreenSky credit is one of the leading private company with financial technology solution in America. It was founded in 2006 and between 2012 and 2016 it had rendered nearly five billion us dollars through GreenSky credit program. The purpose of the company is to provide a technological platform for the banks, and other financial lending institutions to give loans to their customers. The company is convenient since all its operations are online based, and they can be reached through their websites and mobile app. Hence, it has made it accessible by most Americans and therefore increasing its market share to 50 American states with over 1.2 million customers. Through linking the financial institutions and the borrowers, the company has enhanced customer’s trust and good relation between the parties involved. GreenSky credit is also a significant employer with over 600 employees working in the company.

One cannot mention GreenSky Credit Company without mentioning its C.E.O and co-founder Mr. David Zalik. A middle-aged Mr. Zalik who never went to high school but instead started a course in mathematics at Auburn University has been preparing for his career since his early age. He owns more than half of the company and lives a luxurious life in Atlanta. He has been a part of GreenSky Company since when it started as a mere idea till now when it’s a multi-billion company. He is a leader who has always worked to see the realization of this company’s objectives and to witness its tremendous growth. David Zalik efforts have made him win awards among them the 2016 National entrepreneur award in the financial services category. Through his leadership, the company has grown become one of the most valuable credit companies in America.

Mr. Zalik journey has not been a walk in the park. Before he developed this idea, he had tried many jobs which in some he succeeded and failed in others. His desire to enhance people’s lives conveniently is what yielded GreenSky Company.


Shervin Pishevar is one of the most renowned venture capitalists in Silicon Valley today. As the founder of Sherpa Capital, he has been involved in the founding and incubation of some of the top companies in the tech space. Names like Uber, Airbnb and Social Gaming Network are just a typical day’s work for the dynamic Shervin Pishevar. He has also personally founded a number of successful tech startups, including WebOS, Ionside and the company that would become Virgin Hyperloop.

Aside from his busy daily routine of conquering the tech world, Shervin Pishevar somehow manages to find time to operate his Twitter feed, one of the most popular of any venture capitalist. He has garnered nearly 100,000 followers, giving him ample influence and genuinely making him a thought leader among his peers.

Recently, Shervin Pishevar unleashed a tweet storm for the ages. In a nearly 24-hour barrage of tweets, the inveterate entrepreneur held forth on topics ranging from the proper role of central banks to the nature of the future tech economy. One of the topics on which he tweeted was the dangers that face the nation as some of the top tech monopolies consolidate ever more power.

Pishevar has said that the Trump tax plan, whatever its merits to the larger economy, has one distinct and inarguable drawback; it is giving even more power to the Big Five tech monopolies of Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple and Microsoft. He says this is happening as a result of the massive repatriation of corporate profits, which are now being taxed at a significantly lower level than previously. This has caused the big tech monopolies to gain even more power relative to their struggling competitors.

Pishevar cites the recent competition to attract an Amazon second headquarters to cities across the country. He says that the huge concessions that towns and cities were willing to grant such a megacorporation are a somewhat stark reminder of how much power some of these tech companies wield. He says that such offers would never even be considered for mom-and-pop small businesses. Yet tech monopolies, already immensely powerful, get the royal treatment.


Few entrepreneurs believe that internet of things will revolutionize businesses and how things are done. Internet of things (IoT) has come to make operations secure and more efficient. Jason Hope is one of the futurists who believe that IoT is coming to change businesses and people should take opportunities that come with it. IoT helps in connecting two or more devices. Jason is very passionate about technology, and he is a great philanthropist.

Jason Hope is highly educated young man. He received a degree in Finance from Arizona State University. Later he joined ASU’s W.P. Carey School of Business where he achieved an MBA. He has always used his education to make the world a better place for him and young entrepreneurs. In Arizona, he has helped many school students through mentorship. On top of that, he provides grants to young individuals who have great business ideas and don’t have the capital for a startup.

After education, He started his career by launching a mobile communications company. Jason writes about technology impacts on businesses as well as the impact of IoT on businesses. He believes that internet of Things will completely change the approach of businesses and many industries will have a new look. He also says that IoT will provide more value to products and waste will be reduced significantly. Also, many companies will adopt data processing in making most crucial business decisions.

Also, Internet of Things will be very significant when it comes to digital homes. Many people want to have homes that many devices are connected. Doors, electronics, kitchen appliances as well as lighting system will be connected using a central device where they can be controlled. This will make homes simple and very convenient for homeowners including the disabled individuals. Jason Hope believes that manufacturing and healthcare will also benefit from IoT. Manufacturing companies, as well as hospitals, will make their operations simple and more efficient if they invest on the Internet of Things. For more info about us: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SENS_Research_Foundation click here.

Jason Has been very successful in business that involves technology. He encourages businesses to modernize their operations by capitalizing on technology. He helps individuals in predicting the most appropriate technology that businesses are likely to adopt in future. Jason is also a great philanthropist who believes in giving back to the society. It evident that he is a great entrepreneur and his desire to help budding entrepreneurs is unmatched. Jason will continue to invest in technology as well as promoting young investors with advice and funds so that they can grow financially.

Eric Pulier is one of the rare breeds of technologists who has continued to get better and more innovative with age. Pulier is a communications focused entrepreneur who has done great work establishing some very important companies out in Los Angeles. Pulier has come a long way over the years from an upstart in LA to one of the most important entrepreneurs in the city. Let’s look over what work he has done in the tech field as well as his techniques for making it all happen.

So, to really get an appreciation for Eric Pulier and the work he has done you need to appreciate just how passionate he has been about technology. Pulier lived in New Jersey as a child, where he was raised, and it was there that he fell into a true and lifelong love of computers and technology. Pulier spent his formative years working on and around computers, learning to program computers while he was still a kid. Pulier would go on to start his first company while still attending high school, it was a computer database company.

Pulier wouldn’t let his love of technology turn into a childhood distraction. Instead, he began early on to start taking steps toward making his passion his lifelong career. Pulier would leave New Jersey so that he could pursue his higher education at Harvard — one of the most prestigious schools in the nation. At Harvard Pulier would focus his time on running the school paper, the Harvard Crimson, while making connections and impressions that he would carry with him to Los Angeles. During this time Pulier would make a real name for himself.

After graduating from Harvard, Magna Cum Laude we might add, Pulier would know that it was time to head to Los Angeles. Back in the early ’90s you had to be in Los Angeles in order to make any sort of impact on the world of technology. Pulier also wanted to do work that would make a positive impact on the world. This led him to create his first company, People Doing Things. People Doing Things, or PDT for short, was a company focused on bringing solutions to the healthcare and educational industry with a particular focus on those struggling with poverty. Now, Pulier is more than two decades into his work and he is continuing to find new innovations every single day at work.

Eric Pulier info: http://inspirery.com/eric-pulier/

As part of their growth strategy, Talk Fusion recently announced the launch of the company’s new online Talk Fusion University. The CEO and founder of Talk Fusion, Bob Reina developed this intuitive virtual learning hub to train online investors and marketers how they can propel their businesses to the next level of profitability, quickly and affordably. The trademark course for online marketers and MLM investors by Bob Reina is divided into four simple steps.

Watch Free Videos by Talk Fusion

Speaking in an article posted here, Bob Reina shared a crucial recipe for online business success. He said that without a concerted team effort, your business is as good as dead. Bob reckons that for one to succeed in the e-commerce and marketing realms, then they need to factor in the cultural backgrounds, personalities and educational history of their target clients. The CEO has a fantastic solution to help prospective entrepreneurs overcome such hurdles and obstacles: Talk Fusion University.

How is Talk Fusion Unique?

Talk Fusion has uploaded over 30 MLM training HD videos. Additionally, there’s tons of well-researched reading paraphernalia for the students who enroll in the course by the former Florida cop, Bob Reina. It is a prudent idea to like Reina’s official Facebook page as he regularly goes Live. According to Reina, Talk Fusion is a rare and unique gem as compared to the other so-called networking masters out there today. Talk Fusion places great emphasis on the combo of performance and pricing.

It’s worth noting that Reina’s virtual university is absolutely free-of-charge to all interested persons. The college has promised to publish marketing videos in several global languages like English, Russian, Chinese, French, Japanese, Hungarian, Spanish and German too.

Talk Fusion’s Fact Sheet

Talk Fusion focuses on the predominant use of videos to boost marketing campaigns. Bob Reina, the CEO is 100% convinced that businesses stand to make bigger impacts with their target clients by relying on persuasive, compelling and engaging video snippets as opposed to using conventional Emails. Talk Fusion started in 2007 and is now operational in over 140 nations. The marketing company gives members a 30-day trial run on their innovative products. Learn more: https://www.youtube.com/user/TalkFusionOfficial