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The effectiveness and efficiency of Big Data in the technological world are well-known today, and it is used in various industries to improve productivity and performance. Moreover, it is helping corporate, industrial, and the manufacturing units to improve accuracy in their output and planning.

In the transportation department, one of the most significant KPI or the key performance indicator is the on-time performance. It is what the Big Data helps in making visible to see which department needs to be further optimized (https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/edisoft). With the help of Big Data the variety of transport, such as air, sea, rail, and motor carriers were measured for their performance and scheduling accuracy.

Thanks to the evolution of technology and data availability, it is possible today for the fulfillment of the transportation systems to be measured and optimized accordingly. However, the on-time performance recorded and reported of most of the transport carriers tend to be inaccurate, and mostly because all the factors that need to be considered are not taken into account. In most cases, when it is reported that the on-time performance of a carrier is 99 percent, it is assumed that the performance is top notch.

However, it needs to be understood that in many cases only sixty to seventy percent of the shipment delivery is taken into account. The on-time performance requires a comprehensive data set to create key performance indicator figure, and in most cases, it is not available (Bloomberg). Most of the companies have a tough time linking all the data related to big data in a collaborative manner. However, it can be duly noted that the applications of big data are far reaching and not limited to only measuring carrier performances in the transportation sector.

Edisoft Inc is a technology firm based in Toronto, ON, and provides the configurable smart process supply chain service platform. It helps in improving the supply chain performance for the distributors as well as manufacturers. The best part about Edisoft is that it uses big data in its technology to offer warehouse and carrier management, and optimized vendor compliance integrated the system. Edisoft offers its products and services worldwide. It has headquarters in Toronto, ON, Canada, and a satellite office in Miami, FL, United States.