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Category: Taxes

Many people generally scoff at the notion of a war against the lower and middle classes. After all here in the U.S one can lift themselves up by the bootstraps of hard work and perseverance. But can one really? A closer look at the political and economic landscape reveals a hardened caste system lurking right beneath the surface.

Take for instance the office of IL Governor Bruce Rauner a self-proclaimed fighter for “…a more prosperous state, where everyone has an opportunity to succeed.” How does Rauner plan on fulfilling this goal? Well by mainlining the epic failure that is trickle down economics; a hard clung to GOP school of thought that in the past has produced zero applicable results for the middle and lower classes.

Not only has Rauner given the biggest tax break advantage to multimillionaires but he made up for that defect in tax dollars by slashing state employee benefits and social services. Right from the get go we can see several political situations that have come together to keep the lower classes down. Not only that but Rauner has opted to cut funding for higher education, the typical route to the middle and upper classes.

It’s interesting to note how different Rauner’s actions have differed from his campaign promises. All of his policies have clearly been implemented to help himself and his benefactors siphon off surplus tax dollars through increased breaks for the wealthy. If our own elected officials aren’t working for us than who is? If we’re constantly victims of the system set up to protect us how can most of us ever hope to achieve anything but poverty?