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Dr. Mark Mofid runs a practical and conscientious office in San Diego. His office meets the needs of over 1000 satisfied clients every year. With so much going on, Mark Mofid is also revolutionizing the way doctors think about plastic surgery in general.

Mark Mofid’s ethical business practices and innovations in plastic surgery have put him at the forefront of the industry. The doctor spent eight years developing an implant now commonly used in gluteal augmentation surgery around the world. It is used in the Brazilian method of gluteal augmentation where the buttocks are sculpted and formed to be more round and attractive. Mark Mofid’s office is ethical because it encourages clients to reconsider drastic changes to their bodies all at once. Too much at one time can have a devastating impact on both psychological and physical levels. Even though less monetary gain is received all at once, the goal is to promote the health and long term satisfaction of the client.

He encourages other doctors to use this basic principle to reduce the initial invasive aspects of surgery to a manageable level. The basic conscientiousness of this practice reduces stress for both clients and doctors, and is known to promote a happier clientele for doctors overall.

Truly, the implants he has developed are revolutionary. They are the appropriate pressure, and they work with the existing tissue of the body. In fact, these implants reduce long term sagging, and actually sort of become a natural part of the body’s existing tissue.

In an exciting an challenging world of increasing one’s beauty, gluteal augmentation surgery is becoming more and more popular. Especially in Brazil, where there is less people than in the U.S., and approximately 20 times the amount of gluteal augmentation procedures per year.

Mark Mofid as an innovator and ethical doctor in his field as a trusted name in plastic surgery in the Southern California region. San Diego also really is a nice place to stay and recover from procedures. So consider this doctor as a highly recommended plastic surgeon for many types of specialty procedures available today.