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Securus Technologies has just moved one step further in their never ending goal of advancing their expertise and ability in the field of civil and criminal justice technology solutions. They are leaders in this field, and it is because of their never ending accomplishments and advancements in the field such as the following one that they have become to be such leaders.


Eleven of Securus Technologies’ field experts have just received international recognition and certification, and are now certified by Building Industry Consulting Service International, which is also known as BICSI. Building Industry Consulting Service International is a professional organization that serves the ICT, or information and communications technology, industry. It is active in almost one hundred countries around the globe and serves over twenty three thousand professional technology experts.


Information and communications technology is an industry that caters to voice technology solutions, data technology solutions, digital security solutions, and much more. Building Industry Consulting Service International is the recognized leader in ICT and its certification is recognized and respected around the globe.


Danny de Hoyos, who is the senior vice president of Operations of Securus Technologies, said that that is exactly why they thought that Building Industry Consulting Service International would be the best place to get certification for their eleven field specialists. Because it is such a large operation, he says, it fits the needs of Securus Technologies, and will help them advance as leaders in the field.


Most field specialists at Securus Technologies stay on for an average of fifteen years with the company, during which they utilize their knowledge of the industry to help make Securus the single leader in the industry. The certification from Building Industry Consulting Service International will help them guarantee the highest quality service to all of their clients across the country.


Securus is truly a leader in the field: They serve 3,450 public safety and law enforcement and corrections agencies, and they cater to over one million inmates across they country, though they themselves are centered in Dallas.


Securus Technologies is quickly becoming the industry leader when it comes to providing communications technology to the prison and correctional facility industry. While Securus has been selling products and services for over a decade, the company has seen its most significant growth over the past few years when it has introduced the video chat platform to prisons across the country. Today, the Dallas-based company provides services to nearly one thousand different facilities across the country, which ultimately serve hundreds of thousands of inmates.

The video visitation service provided by Securus has been beneficial to all parties involved. The service works by allowing a prison to install a video chat terminal in their property while then allowing a family member, friend, or other party to install software on their mobile device, which then allows for a face-to-face chat 24 hours per day.

Those that have used the service have found that it has benefited the inmates by providing more consistent contact with their family members. Family members enjoy using it as it is more convenient than driving to the prison and prisons tend to like it as it reduces the level or security needed to monitor guests.
While the service is often used for typical face-to-face communication, the service has recently been used for a variety of other purposes as well. One way that some prisoners have been using it is by seeing concerts live. The technology has been used to broadcast a variety of different concerts directly to a prisoner. These concerts have included concerts that a loved one of the prisoner is participating in, but can also have a variety of other uses as well. It is possible in the future, that prisons could use the broadcasting of concerts to reward certain individuals for good behavior or other achievements.

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Securus Video Visitation – Concert from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.