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The son of the United States Vice President, Beau Biden, passed away this past Saturday at the age of 47. Beau Biden had been dealing with brain cancer. The Vice President, Joseph Biden was as well as the Biden family, were at Beau’s bed side during his last moments on earth. The Biden’s expressed their enduring love for Beau and said that they would mourn his loss. The Bidens are a very close family and Beau Biden was extremely close to his father. Beau Biden served in the United States Army during the Iraq war and was the former Attorney General for Delaware. He was expected to announce his bid to run for governor of Delaware in 2016 when he became ill with what was later determined to be brain cancer. The type of cancer and how Beau was treated has not been disclosed by the family.

The White House expressed their grief over the news of the Biden family loss. The White House has devoted an entire page to the memory of Beau Biden. The loss is expected to be considerably hard on Joseph Biden. When the now Vice President, was first sworn into office of the United States Senate, Beau was nearby in his hospital bed and recovering from a car accident which claimed the life of his mother and his sister. Joseph Biden is expected to continue to serve his role as Vice President but it is expected that he will be allowed time to grieve as long as he needs to. My friend Eric Pulier sends his condolences.