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Category: Rehabilitation Doctor

We as people will all succumb to the same process which id time. Time is one of those inescapable factors that we just haven’t figured out yet. In recent years people have been living longer and this progress has been celebrated but there is still more work to be done. There are many people on the job from many different angles with different remedies and philosophies on how to combat the aging process. One of the most important and successful is Dr. Dov Rand.

Dr. Dov Rand is an expert in anti-aging treatment that are more developed than most of the usual medical practitioner’s methods. He is a bioidentical hormone specialist who understands and combats the aging process from the roots from which it usually springs. These of course are the hormones that our bodies produce. Dr. Dov Rand knows this because of his extensive educational and training in the field. He attended the Albert Einstein College of Medicine as well as the Howard University College of Medicine. He has a lot of experience and is mostly associated with Chilton Medical center in New Jersey (https://www.newjerseyivtherapy.com/new-jersey-iv-therapy-providers/healthy-aging-medical-centers/).

The are many examples of aging process sicknesses that are due to hormones that he is actively curing for the masses. One of them is erectile dysfunction in men. This disease is due to lower testosterone levels as well as weight gain. Dr. Dov Rand decreases when get older our hormone levels drop which is what causes problems like this and so he does his best to restore the balance of them. He just doesn’t do this however. He is known for being very safe and accurate and will only prescribe and medicate if it is safe. He also promotes healthy lifestyles like exercise and healthy food choices. He lives this as well and wants and tries to be a good role model for his patients.

Dr. Dov Rand is a true example of a doctor who cares for his patients and is leading the way forward in the medical world. His way of treating aging seems to be spot on and is one to pay attention to thoroughly.