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Category: Recruiter

As a college men’s basketball coach, the territory comes with many responsibilities. Tanning Hufnagel captures all of these and is on his way to a bright career. A coach not only leads a team, but helps the men grow; both as atheletes as well as men. With the college level being so important for college atheletes, it is important to have a coach that cares deeply for the his atheletes as well as the game itself. From being a strong manager, to being a powerful speaker; a coach must manage and control his team so that they may perform at their peak and keep themselves composed; on, and off the court.

Yanni Hufnagel has been grooming himself to be a successful basketball coach since a child. He has recently taken a position as an assistant coach for the Nevada Wolf Pack under head coach, Eric Musselman. As a boy he read. As a college student he worked as a manager on the college basketball team. He eventually earned an internship with the New Jersey Nets. All of these have given him the knowledge and ability to further his goal to eventually becoming an impressive assistant coach that has the ability to progress even farther.

Yanni Hunagel’s passion and enthusiasm for the game will lead him down the road to a long and prosperous career. He has a resume that would attract almost manager to be excited to have Yanni as a part of their coaching staff. With his experience as an assistant coach at Harvard, Vanderbilt, and UC Berkeley, coupled with masters degree in education, he has the foundation to lead atheletes to success. These attribute, along with his desire for continuing learning and growth is what makes him a man that can shape the lives of many atheletes…and this is just the start for Yanni Hufnagel.