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Adam Milstein is an Isreali-American who was born in 1952. He is Managing Partner of Hager Pacific Properties. He founded his foundation in 2000. It is called the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. The goal of the foundation is to help Isreali students learn about their past. He is also the Chairman of the Board of the Isreali-American Council. The goal of this group is to be able to strengthen ties between the United States and Isreal. Adam Milstein is also a philanthropist dedicated to supporting the causes and the children of Isreal. In an interview with Ideamensch, Adam Milstein talks about his life and has some practical advice for people.

Adam Milstein came to the United States to further his education and learned very quickly how to become a success in real estate. He says the one thing that keeps him going on a daily basis is being a philanthropist. As his businesses grow and expand he never knows what a typical day is. Being able to give back to people is what makes his hectic schedule more complete.

He says the one that really excites him about the future is the constant fluctuation of the real-estate market. One day the supply may not be equal to the demand and a few weeks later it could easily be the reverse. This is what motivates him to stay in the business of real estate for as long as he has.

He recommends that people should take a close look at the situation they find themselves in and trust their own instincts in business as well as life. Being able to understand a problem that is in front of you is the first step in order to find the proper solution. He also says that people should follow up with contacts and be consistent in their approach. Adam Milstein is determined to link the past with the future. Being a philanthropist has helped him realize that giving back is the way to go. Making sure the legacy of the Isreali people continues is at the heart of what he does and more

Philanthropist Adam Milstein has been selected by the Jerusalem Post for the list of the top fifty influential Jewish people. Mr. Adam Milstein was the thirty ninth person on the list. Adam Milstein joins some of the most well known Jewish figures in the world, including Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, mega donors Sheldon Adelson and HaimSaban, United States Supreme Court Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Kagan, NatanSharansky, and singer Gal Gadot and actor Sarah Silverman.

Mr. Adam Milstein is the founder of many organizations and foundations that support Israel and the Jewish People. For example, he co-founded the Israeli American Council. He started the Adam and Gila Milstein Foundation. There are many other organizations that he started.

Mr. Adam Milstein said that he was humbled to be on the list. He said that it was an honor to be included. He said that he can not take any credit without thanking his wonderful wife, Gila, who has supported him throughout his philanthropic efforts. In addition, he wants to thank all the other people who helped him out, including the people at the Israeli American Council.

Adam Milstein is also someone who fights against antisemitism. In an article on the Jerusalem Post, he discussed whether being anti-Israel is just a way to mask antisemitism.

He starts off with a little history of antisemitism and Zionism. He tells the story of the pogroms in Russia and other places in Europe that occurred on a regular basis in previous times. He recalled the Kishinev pogrom that occurred in 1903. In it, forty nine Jews were murdered and fifteen hundred homes were destroyed.

This was the point when Jews realized that they had to rely on themselves to defend themselves. That is what Zionism is all about. In Israel, Jewish people were also attacked. They were attacked without provocation by surrounding nations. It is one thing not to agree with all of Israel’s policies. However, all too often, Israel haters will deny Israel’s right to exist. Adam explains that this is just another form of antisemitism in today’s times.

Samuel Strauch was asked of a habit of his that makes him more productive as a businessman. His response was that meditation is an extremely beneficial habit of his. Strauch believes that everybody should practice some form of meditation daily.

With meditation Samuel Strauch says that he is able clear his mind and better focus on his work and personal life. Samuel Strauch also points out that there are additional benefits to meditation such as health benefits and stress relief.

The next question that Strauch was asked was what was the worst job he had held in his life. A follow up question then asked him what he gleaned from that experience. The worse job that Samuel Strauch had in his life was working in the operational department of a major firm. This work involved doing menial tasks such as organizing files and reports. Strauch said he found such work to be tedious and boring. He says he is more of a creative and people person. From this job, he learned that it is best to pursue work that makes you feel happy and fulfilled. It also made him realize that he should be true to himself and not get stuck in a job that he dislikes.

Ideamensch later inquired if Samuel Strauch could start his business over would what would he differently. Strauch’s response was that we all make mistakes in life and that life is a journey. Whatever experiences come our way, it is part of our growth that should make us stronger and wiser. He did wish that he was not as trusting of some of his former business associates. At the same time, Strauch says that he did meet a lot of great people by being open and trusting. In the end, Samuel Strauch says that he had a lot of more positives than negatives in his life so far, so he would not change a thing.

Learn more about Samuel Strauch: http://www.elpuntocritico.com/noticias-mexico/economia-nacional/129946-mexicanos-buscan-invertir-en-bienes-ra%C3%ADces-en-eu.html

It is well known for a man to say that he is great in any way; he must first affect the people around him in a positive manner. Wealth does not measure greatness but the level of integrity a man possess. Sam Boraie is one person who is viewed by many as a great man due to his positive influence on the community of New Brunswick, Atlantic City and New Jersey with the help of Boraie Development LLC. Sam is a well known real estate developer, philanthropist, and businessman who has changed how people perceive the development industry as he sits as the Vice President of Boraie Development.

Sam knew he was interested in real estate when he was pursuing his Ph.D. in the United States. Regardless of being a trained chemist, Sam’s passion for Real estate enabled him to revitalize New Brunswick city that later boomed the real estate industry. Under the leadership of Sam Boraie, Boraie Development has undertaken numerous projects in New Brunswick that have led to retail entities setting up shops in the regions and boosting the city’s economy. People moved from different places including New Jersey to come and reside in the city as it continues to record positive growth.

Boraie Development is known for offering services such as Sales &Marketing, Project Management, and Property Development. When it comes to complying with deadlines and bringing the clients ideas to reality, Boraie Development is the firm you can rely upon. The company is known for being committed to creating projects that will not only safeguard their partner’s interest through high ROI but also attract clients from all walks of life. The firm’s good work and the remarkable record is evident in various projects it has overseen that include The Aspire apartments, Once Rector Street among others. The Aspire Residential Apartment is one of the best projects Boraie Development has managed that consists of more than two hundred residential units. The project brought state of the art amenities to the public that was initially not present such as bike storage facilities. Apart from having high tech and up to standard equipment, the apartment is strategically positioned as it is near Children Cancer Institute and New Brunswick Train Station. Click here to know more.

Another redevelopment project Boraie Development has overseen involves the Albany Street Plaza. Through redeveloping the Plaza, the market presence was expanded to other cities such as Atlantic City and Newark. In some instances, Boraie Development partners with people to help in bringing amenities to the general public. A good example was when the firm partnered with Shaquille O’Neill, a basketball superstar, to bring about complex development.

Apart from spending most of his time running the Boraie Development, Sam Boraie engages in charitable organizations and programs that aim at helping the less fortunate. He is an active member of the Elijah’s Promise program that aims at eliminating poverty. The program also plays a part in developing talents and encouraging entrepreneurship with the goal of creating gainful employment. Sam Boraie hopes to continue getting involved in more charitable programs to help to raise the living standards of his community.


According to the news website nj.com, basketball legend Shaquille ONeal returned to Newark, his hometown to co-host a 3-on-3 basketball tournament on Broad Street, just in front of City Hall. Despite leaving the city for his basketball career, the star player has been actively involved in his hometown affairs. In 2012, in conjunction with the Brunswick-based Boraie Development LLC, ONeal was instrumental in the opening of Cityplex Movie Theater. In 2013, Shaquille, again in partnership with Boraie broke ground on The Aspire New Brunswick. This is the first high-rise development in Newark in half a century.
The Aspire New Brunswick, a 17-story high rise features 238 spacious luxury units. These are either One-bedroom and Two-bedroom apartments or well-appointed studios. This development will ensure New Jersey residents enjoy the lifestyle they deserve. Residents will be treated to unparalleled amenities like central New Jerseys most vibrant restaurant. An on-site maintenance and management as well as doorman services, 24 hours a day are some of the services to be enjoyed by the residents. There is also direct elevator service from the garage to the lobby.
These residences are built with a variety of the designs as well as the finishes. Some units feature 9- to 10-foot ceilings, private terraces as well as balconies. Hardwood floors characterize the living areas, wall-to-wall carpeting is done in the bedrooms as well as having oversized windows overlooking the downtown. These are features that are employed in all the units.
Boraie development has been in existence for over three years. Perhaps their long stay in the real estate industry is what convinced Mr. ONeal to partner with them. Or could it be the fact that they have developed over a million square feet of property in New Jersey, both commercial and residential? That is a detail we may never find out but what we know for sure is Boraie Development have what it takes to deliver. Over the decades, Boraie Development has been instrumental in enhancing urban communities in New Jersey. Building and redevelopment are just part of their rich portfolio which also includes property management services with regards to accounting, leasing as well as maintenance.