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Category: Poverty

Wow! I never thought about it like this before. Jobs are going to decrease over time, and it is already hard enough to find one that pays enough to be worth it. College is expensive- we work to go to college so that we can find a better job to work for… Sometimes assistance can be misused but studies have shown it isn’t as bad as some have suggested. If the US is the richest, it shouldn’t have so much poverty. If you really think about it, $15,000 is still barely surviving and would make a great platform for families to acquire the essentials- shelter, food, water, electric. I would think they would be encouraged to work so that they can have what they want as well. Susan McGalla says most families dread going to work just to make enough to survive-way too many hours and time away from family with very little monetary return. It would be so nice to see the number of homeless go down, and the hungry finally be able to eat. Children who did not choose to be poor could live better lives. People could live happier and with less stress. The reality of the distribution of wealth in our nation is saddening. 

Couldn’t we try to fix this while still saving the government money? Wouldn’t this just make sense? Looking at these facts almost angers me to read and see. Something needs to be done! This idea of a “platform” income check seems like something the US should definitely try!