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Category: Pollution

A new study has recently found that even tiny amounts of air pollution can harm health and increase fatalities.

The study was lead by Liuhua Shi, a doctoral student at Harvard’s T.H. Chan School of Public Health. The experiment found that with every 10 micro-gram increase of harmful air pollutants measured in New England, the death rates of Medicare recipients increased by 2.14% over a two day period, and 7.52% over the course of an entire year.

The most interesting aspect of the this study is that these increases all generally met or exceeded the Environmental Protection Agency’s standards for pollution. Bruce Levenson understands this means that even a level of pollutants the EPA deems “safe” can be highly detrimental to public health.

Liuhua Shi concluded that “The E.P.A. should tighten its standards, and we need to reduce particles in the air, which we can do with off-the-shelf technologies.”