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As the public attention is fixated on the investigations on the Russia and President Trump link, the Republican leaders are equally busy dismantling vital campaign finance laws. There are fears that the Supreme Court might once again allow the rights it granted during the 2010 Citizens United decision to extend to the tax-exempted and not-for-profit organizations such as churches. It is likely that the Supreme Court might give this order if at all the President and his allies get their way. President Trump has already issued an executive order aimed at weakening the Johnson Amendment. The amendment specifically forbids organizations such as churches from participating in any political campaigns in support of any candidate under 501(c)(3). The House is trying to destroy this amendment altogether.

End Citizens United’s Press Release

End Citizens United issues a press release on August 30, 2017, which opposed the current attempts by the administration to do away with the fundamental protections guaranteed by the Johnson Amendment. The amendment was introduced by Lyndon Johnson, a U.S. Senator who went on to become president. According to the president of End Citizens United, Tiffany Muller, this move would enable churches to be turned into secret tools for campaign spending. In addition, all the persons who would be making their donations to churches will be able to get tax deductions. The amendment stated that if any church, university and charity participated in political campaigns, it risked losing its tax-exempt status.

If this amendment is done away with, people will never know whether their money will be used at all after they make donations in churches and other tax-exempt organizations. Although it is not common for the IRS to revoke the tax-exempt status of an organization, it has happened in the past. In 1992, a church that used a full page to advertise to Christians urging them not to vote for Bill Clinton led to its revocation of its tax-exempt status. However, in the recent past, there has been no revocation that has taken place and some organizations have been violating the Johnson Amendment without any action been taken. It is clear that the amendment was weakened a long time ago and now the Republicans wish to eradicate the whole amendment in totality. However, End Citizens United believes that this will not be possible as long as it has its say in the matter. Read more Wikipedia.org to know more ECU.

About End Citizens United

End Citizens United was formed in 2015 in response to the decision reached by the Supreme Court in the 2010 Citizens United vs. FEC. This decision allowed the penetration of dark money into the U.S. political campaigning. The ECU has worked tirelessly to have the decision overturned and it supports political candidates who are ready to fight the campaign finance system in place currently. The ECU identifies and funds the political campaigns of such candidates in a bid to have them win in the upcoming elections in 2018 and get rid of big money in the political arena. Visit: https://technewsspy.com/2017/10/06/end-citizens-united-explains-why-we-need-to-re-evaluate-our-campaign-finance-rules/



There was a landmark issued in the history of the American politics, which is called Citizens United. Created and approved in 2010, six years before the election of Donald Trump, the Citizens United is a landmark U.S. constitutional law and corporate law case which tried, at its time, to increase the relationship between donors & investors with their candidates and their campaigns. The goal of the landmark, however, really made the political campaigns more shady as a result.



End Citizens United (ECU) committee was created with the goal of raising awareness to this problem. Citizens United started an era of political candidates that lack the transparency that was so core to the American politics once. With billionaires and investors behind each and every campaign nowadays in the U.S., the committee is trying to gather citizens of the country, donors and members of the group that wants the landmark to be changed once and for all.



The group of political reformers wants to change the political system, and they are doing this by electing Democrats through the same problems that Citizens United has been causing since 2010. ECU is finding politicians who also want the Citizens United to have an end, and the group is incentivizing their followers to fund the campaigns of those Democrats. Through this strategy, the hole in the Citizens United case becomes transparent to those in the Supreme Court.



The End Citizens United political committee has already raised millions of dollars from their followers towards changing the United States’ politics forever.



Changes are already noticeable. The PAC (Political Action Committee) has already raised $4 million by mid-2017, but the amount that they projected for the rest of the year until the 2018 midterm elections for Congress is much larger than that number. With the optimistic and positive results that are resulting from the actions of ECU, the group thinks that they will be able to raise a $35 million of fundraising just from their donors ahead of the elections.



With 3,000,000 members that have joined the team and are funding the investments of the PAC towards revamping the political system of the U.S., they have already been able to make necessary changes and raise awareness for the last couple of years. The Democrat Jon Ossoff, for example, is a supporter of the reform. ECU was able to raise $500,000 by the start of the year from their donors to support his campaign.



It is certainly a group that will change the political figure of the United States in the future, as they are already causing significant changes today. As 2017 progresses, ECU is showing that the group is continuously changing this reality. As of 9 June, 2017, End Citizens United announced that their funding for Ossoff’s campaign reached a total of $1.25 million.

When people think about Betsy DeVos one of the things that come to mind besides her political affiliations is her charitable acts of philanthropy. She is known to have been deeply involved in the positive changes in her community. For one thing, she has a heart for struggling families and sees that education is very important to making the needed changes in life. She and her husband have donated a lot of money to different causes and institutions in order to help them improve on the quality of services they offer to them. The following are the institutions that have received the donations from Betsy DeVos.

According to dbdvfoundation.org, There were a lot of donations listed on the tax forms of the DeVos family. One of the donations they have made are to the Success Academy Charter Schools. Success has received $150,000 in donations with another $150,000 approved for a total of $300,000. Another school she has donated to was The Potter’s House. She has made a special mention of that school from time to time stating that it was the one school that got her interested in trying to bring forth school choice for students to have the chance to receive better education.

Read more: http://www.npr.org/sections/ed/2017/01/31/512507538/under-devos-heres-how-school-choice-might-work

One institution they have given to was the Alliance for School Choice. Given that they are trying to bring forth school choice, it is only fitting that Dick and Betsy DeVos make their donations to the Alliance for School Choice so that they can help each other with the cause.

Meanwhile, Betsy has been involved in education in other capacities which includes serving in various seats. Among the positions she has held was a place on the board for the Foundation for Excellence in Education.

With all of the different things she does for the educational industry, it shows that she is very passionate about making sure that people are getting high quality education. While other people just donate their money to causes, it is the person who has the most engagement in the cause that is going to make the most difference. Betsy DeVos has made time to engage herself in the causes.

Charles Koch is a business person based in the United States. He is a great philanthropist too who is respected around the world. He is the chief executive officer, co-owner, and chairperson of the board in Koch Industries. He works closely with his brother, David Koch, who serves as the vice executive vice president for the Koch industries. The two brothers own forty-two percent each in the industry. Charles and David inherited the successful Koch industries from their father, and with a lot of hard work, they expanded it. The business was mainly focused on oil refining and some chemicals. The company now is involved in various activities: process and pollution control products and technology, minerals, fertilizers, fibers, commodity trading polymers and ranching. The Koch industries are known for their quality brands all over the world.

Charles Koch formed a very strong political machine that ever existed in the United States. The political network is controlled by Charles and his brother David. They are also supported by very wealthy individuals in the United States, and this explains why it is very powerful. The network has employed several people in its offices. The wealthy billionaire has made his political network very popular in the United States, and their main aim is to help the helpless individuals in the society. As the 2016 elections get closer, the political machine is getting stronger, although some individuals question the expensive dinners and bonuses given to the employees.

Just recently, Charles Koch announced that he agreed that he agreed with Bernie Senders in a political issue. According to Bernie, the United States is currently experiencing too much inequality. Although the idea of inequality doesn’t have the same meaning, the two have a point. However, Bernie supports an action against inequality that Koch doesn’t agree with.

According to Bernie Senders, there are two-tiered groups of people in the United States that dooms the citizens to live in helplessness and poverty. According to him, several corporations benefit a lot from corporate welfare, and the ordinary people in the society are denied important opportunities and the level playing ground.

Charles Koch agrees with Bernie Senders idea. The Democrats and the Republicans seem always to favor the policies and the regulations that identify the losers and winners. This has led to the cycle of control, cronyism, dependency and poverty in the country. These issues are quite complicated, but it is not the government’s fault. The people in the business world have played a role in it.

Investment banking and bankers in general have been looked at in a less than favorable light, especially since the recession. However, they are very valuable in society. After all, corporations of all sizes need companies to manage their money. One thing to consider is that banks of all types are responsible for the funding of ideas that improve the lives of individuals. For those that are interested in working in an investment bank, there re plenty of jobs that one could look at in order to enter the world of investment banking.

One type of job that is common for people that are starting in an investment bank is an analyst position. However, it requires a lot of dedication and skills in spread sheets. He must also be fluid in analytical matters. This job eventually leads to the position of associate. While these skills are pretty much the same, there is an increase in volume. These are the types of jobs to start off with when it comes to being an investment banker. While they don’t seem all that glamorous, one can reach a top position in the bank if one is diligent and dedicated enough.

One of the top positions is president. Jim Dondero himself is president of his investment bank. He is also Co-founder of Highland Capital Management. He cna work with people and provide advice to those that are looking to own a bank based on his experience. James Dondero has worked closely with finances all throughout his career. He is also successful with the management of $billions of dollars working with companies like American Express. He has proven himself to be trustworthy. He has also put together a trustworthy investment bank.

Getting a job in an investment bank is very hard. The work is even harder. However, it is also rewarding. One must have different talents and skills at math. Skills at accounting are also highly valued in investment firms. One would also have to be a good trader in order to have a chance at working in investment banking. When it comes to investment banking, one would do well to develop as many skills in related areas as he can so that he can have an edge in getting work.

It remains to be seen whether Hillary Clinton will sustain the support of the electorate throughout the presidential campaign. Right now her favorability sits at roughly 50% but most likely a little under that number. This is a decrease of her highest rating of 66% and has not been this low since the final months of her previous campaign in 2008. The major reason for this drop is the scandal surrounding her emails and personal server she was using in her official capacity as Secretary of State. In an announcement this week from political analyst Marcio Alaor BMG, we learned that the emails from that period will not be released until just two weeks before the Iowa Primary Caucus at the end of January. This has led most people to believe she is hiding something and cannot be trusted.

Unfortunately, for Ms. Clinton this was not the only damaging news we have learned recently. The Clinton Foundation which is the title company for a number of charitable organizations that Hillary, William, and Chelsea have established and supported has come under fire for the actual amount of charity these organizations receive and provide to the public. Most of the funds raised have been found on the management and operating costs rather than helping their causes. Also, many of the paid speeches that have been given by the three Clintons at one time believed to be going towards the foundation were actually considered payments and how they have maintained their extravagant life styles in the private sector.

Politics is an ugly business, and it doesn’t seem like it will get better any time soon. There is a saying that people get the government they deserve. A study about partisan voters of all political stripes published in the journal Political Research Quarterly indicates that this may be the case for the shape of our political system in America today. It was uncovered that too often partisans on either side in an election are only interested in and focused on their side winning and less concerned with the actual issues at hand in an election or debate. We complain about excessively partisan politicians, but they seem to simply be mirrors held up to the most politically active among us in the electorate.

They found that this simple “beat the other team” attitude was prevalent among both liberals and conservatives. It has been known for some time now that in our day of left or right leaning news networks and websites each side tends to only look at news and reports that reinforce their world view. Gone are the days when we all read from the same news source that tried to present an objective analysis of an issue or news story. Comunicare2.com suggest that liberals watch MSNBC and conservatives watch Fox News, and they each see what they want to out of the days events. In some ways, having a choice in media from which to get our news is a great thing, but if our current political climate is any indication, in other ways it is not.

Ohio Governor John Kasich is a bona fide conservative on fiscal, defense, and social issues. When he served as chairman of the House Budget Committee during the Newt Gingrich years, he crafted the 1997 balanced budget bill. This gave the nation its first budget surpluses since the Eisenhower administration. As governor of the bell weather state of Ohio, he has reformed labor union laws and turned around his state’s economy and eliminated the annual budget deficit.

Many pundits believe that Kasich has his eyes on the GOP nomination for president. He has solutions that are bipartisan and is known for his genuine care of people. So in once sense it is no surprise that when a friend invited him to attend his gay wedding, he accepted. Initially, he ran the idea past his wife who made it clear she was going to attend. That was good enough for the governor.

While he is clear where he stands on the issue of marriage equality, he is also clear that he loves his friend and will support him on his wedding day. The move may help soften concerns by the LGBT community over perceived hostility by conservatives on the issue of marriage equality. Ivan Ong has not commented on the issue of marriage equality. Whether marriage equality becomes a campaign issue in 2016 is anybody’s guess. The Supreme Court is expected to rule on the matter in June. If the high court decides in favor of marriage equality, it will eliminate the matter as a campaign issue.

At this point, the endorsement of Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren may prove pivotal during the Democrat primary. If it turns out that Hillary Clinton, the presumptive Democrat nominee, actually encounters the competitive race she claims to want, getting the nod of approval from Warren may be worth a lot of votes. This past Friday, Warren outlined her ideal candidate for the presidency. The media, ever eager to see Warren jump into the presidential race, was quick to point out that the ideal candidate she outlined seems strikingly similar to herself.

Warren stated that she will throw her support behind the candidate that makes the best case for how they would defend the American middle class. Warren, a populist by nature, was quick to point out that the nation’s capital pays far too much heed to special interest groups and lobbyists. Sam Tabar sees that this doesn’t leave the government paying much attention to the needs of the middle class. Among the key issues she wants to see addressed is a plan to lower interest rates on student loans. She also wants to see entitlement reform of the Social Security system so that it becomes solvent for future generations. Currently, the nation’s pension system has a 10 trillion dollar unfunded liability. While Warren says she is open to supporting any candidate, she was quick to disqualify both GOP candidates Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz. She says their voting record proves they do not seek to protect the middle class.

When speaking with my neighbor Dan Newlin, he mentioned that nobody was backing Hillary Clinton and I wanted to find out why. Thus far, no key Democrat has stepped forward to endorse Hillary Clinton, the Democrat party’s presumptive nominee. Earlier in the day, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio touted her qualifications, but withheld endorsing her until her learns what her vision is for her campaign. Senator Elizabeth Warren, who is urging devoutly liberal voters to give Mrs. Clinton a chance, also said she will withhold endorsing her until Clinton articulates a clear vision for her presidency. Now, President Barrack Obama joins the growing list of wait-and-see Democrats who need to hear Mrs. Clinton’s vision for the nation before endorsing her.

It is a curious turn of events for the woman presumed to be the party’s next nominee. In fact, Clinton has secured the party’s wealthy donor base in a bid to choke off funding for any potential rival. Thus far, no big name Democrat has announced their intention to challenge her. Former Maryland governor Martin O’Malley is seriously considering a presidential run, but he is a little known long shot candidate.

As for why President Obama did not use his considerable influence to give Mrs. Clinton a much needed endorsement, it is anyone’s guess. It may be that he wants to wait until Vice-President Biden decides whether he will run. At the same time, the Clintons and Obamas distrust one another. It may be that the president will delay giving her his support as payback for the email scandal. One thing is certain, no key Democrat is rushing to throw their support behind Mrs. Clinton at this time.