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There was a landmark issued in the history of the American politics, which is called Citizens United. Created and approved in 2010, six years before the election of Donald Trump, the Citizens United is a landmark U.S. constitutional law and corporate law case which tried, at its time, to increase the relationship between donors & investors with their candidates and their campaigns. The goal of the landmark, however, really made the political campaigns more shady as a result.



End Citizens United (ECU) committee was created with the goal of raising awareness to this problem. Citizens United started an era of political candidates that lack the transparency that was so core to the American politics once. With billionaires and investors behind each and every campaign nowadays in the U.S., the committee is trying to gather citizens of the country, donors and members of the group that wants the landmark to be changed once and for all.



The group of political reformers wants to change the political system, and they are doing this by electing Democrats through the same problems that Citizens United has been causing since 2010. ECU is finding politicians who also want the Citizens United to have an end, and the group is incentivizing their followers to fund the campaigns of those Democrats. Through this strategy, the hole in the Citizens United case becomes transparent to those in the Supreme Court.



The End Citizens United political committee has already raised millions of dollars from their followers towards changing the United States’ politics forever.



Changes are already noticeable. The PAC (Political Action Committee) has already raised $4 million by mid-2017, but the amount that they projected for the rest of the year until the 2018 midterm elections for Congress is much larger than that number. With the optimistic and positive results that are resulting from the actions of ECU, the group thinks that they will be able to raise a $35 million of fundraising just from their donors ahead of the elections.



With 3,000,000 members that have joined the team and are funding the investments of the PAC towards revamping the political system of the U.S., they have already been able to make necessary changes and raise awareness for the last couple of years. The Democrat Jon Ossoff, for example, is a supporter of the reform. ECU was able to raise $500,000 by the start of the year from their donors to support his campaign.



It is certainly a group that will change the political figure of the United States in the future, as they are already causing significant changes today. As 2017 progresses, ECU is showing that the group is continuously changing this reality. As of 9 June, 2017, End Citizens United announced that their funding for Ossoff’s campaign reached a total of $1.25 million.

What He Wants To See Done

George Soros has a vision for how the future should look. He wants to do everything he can to make the world around him a better place. Although social justice is a buzzword today, it wasn’t in the 70s when he was doing most of his work. Soros has had to slowly build up support for some of the most important progressive policies around today. Despite his work to improve the world he is often attacked by many who believe that he is somehow trying to undermine the American government or take over the world. Many right wing figures such as Glenn Beck have even made appeals to anti-Semitism as a way of trying to demonize him. Learn more on snopes.com about George.

What George Soros Has Done Against Trump

It was clear from the beginning that Donald Trump and George Soros were not going to get along. The two billionaires seem to disagree on just about every single issue. It is no surprise then that George Soros has made opposing Trump at every single opportunity one of his favorite past times. He simply does not care for Donald Trump and his efforts to oppose free trade or globalization. He is willing to do everything that he can in order to make sure that Soros is not able to enact his agenda or carry out many of the plans that he has. Read more on BigThink about George Soros.


The Quantum Fund

The Quantum Fund has produced some of the most amazing success stories in finance of our time. Soros did not start out as the biggest hedge fund manager around, but he was able to quickly make a name for himself by doing everything needed to give his business the push that it needed to stay ahead of the market. He has accurately predicted the market conditions that we see today and he has managed to make himself one of the world’s wealthiest men thanks to that anticipation.

The Open Society Foundation

Soros has done just about everything he can to make the world around him a better place. He has used the Open Society Foundation to enact much of this change to carry out many of the important goals that he has in mind. He’s faced criticism because of this, but it hasn’t stopped him from trying to make the world around him a better place.

Know more: https://www.opensocietyfoundations.org/people/george-soros


About George Soros

George Soros has spent the majority of his life dedicated to improving the lives of others. He has accomplished much of this through his work at the Open Society Foundation. Using his own funds he has managed to create one of the most successful philanthropic organizations in the world.

Democrats have a reason to smile. The reemergence of George Soros seems to be working in their favor. The multi-billionaire hasn’t been into politics since 2004. Then, he was fighting to see to it that the former president, George W. Bush, didn’t win the elections. He did this by funding the campaigns of the opponents at http://time.com/4581137/george-soros-donald-trump-hate-crime-minorities-election/. He spent over $27 million during that period. Since then, the businessman has been on the low on matters of politics, until now. As the 2016 elections edge closer, Soros is re-emerging. His support for the Democrats is clear by the way he is spending money on their campaign.

Until now, George Soros has donated and pledged over $25 million for the Democrats. Most of the funds have gone to Hillary Clinton, the Democrats’ presidential candidate. Other Democratic candidates have also benefited from Soros’ donations. This is according to the Democratic fundraising operatives. Associates of the wealthy investor have suggested that Soros is expected to pump in more funds as the D-day approaches. Soros got his wealth by undertaking risky currency trades. The trades earned him an alleged $24.9 billion.

Part of the reason that Soros is supporting Clinton is because the two have been allies for over 20 years. Soros had eve planned to attend the Democratic convention, an event that would see Clinton being officially crowned as the preferred Democratic presidential candidate. He, however, didn’t attend the event. Sources close to Soros state that the businessman was caught up analyzing and monitoring Europe’s financial situation, since he had gone back to active trading.

What makes Soros’ comeback quite noticeable is the fact he seems rejuvenated, and is giving the political scene all the attention he can. This is unlike the other years. Those close to him explain this by stating that, his commitment to the democrats is due to his unshakable faith in Hillary Clinton. What makes the commitment even deeper is the fact that, Soros has been known to be Trump’s rival for long. He, at some point, even compared the way Trump stoked fear to his employees to work of ISIS. Michael Vachon, Soros’ advisor, also conquers that his boss has been active politically. Vachon states that Soros’ spending has been exceptionally high this time. He, however, states that the reason to this is that, Trump’s ideologies don’t conquer with what Soros stands for.

In 1947, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill uttered a now famous anecdote regarding Democracies: “Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others.” It appears that House Speaker John Boehner truly believes that sentiment as well. On the Sunday talk show, “Meet the Press”, the powerful Ohio congressman was asked if there exist an excessive amount of money in US politics. The question is backed up by the left’s view that the Supreme Court’s 2010 ruling called “Citizens United” has ushered in an era of billionaire donations which are effectively buying elections.

Congressman Boehner would have nothing of it and flatly denied that the amount of money in politics is excessive. He made the pragmatic quip that the American public spends more money on antacid medicines than is spent on the political system.  Boehner could spend some of that money on, what the NJSpotlight has called a fantastic new apartment complex — The Aspire New Brunswick. When pressed about redistricting in his native state of Ohio, which clearly benefits the GOP, Boehner was again pragmatic. He pointed out that from 1944 through 1994, the Democrat party maintained a lock on the state government. As a result, congressional districts were drawn up so as to favor Democrat incumbents. Now, the GOP has been the dominant force in Ohio politics and has every right to map out congressional districts as best suits the party. Boehner, who as House Speaker is third in line in succession to the presidency, admitted that our Democracy is not perfect at all. That said, it is the best Democracy found on the planet.