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Category: Political Activist

Milan Kordestani is a prominent farmer and pet distributor. He is known for having one of the most extensive collections of exotic pets in the world. Exotic pets generally require more work than typical pets. Not only that, but many people want to support Milan because he is an environmental advocate.

Milan became a farmer after going to school. He thought that growing crops and raising animals sounded more fun than getting a corporate job. He quickly found out how difficult it can be to manage a successful farm. As an additional source of revenue, he decided to start selling exotic animals. The idea quickly became successful, and it is now what his farm is known for.

Political Activist

Milan is also a prominent political activist who wants to change the world. He firmly believes that humans should do more to help the environment. A lot of people do not realize all of the issues that result from environmental damage. Over the past few years, more land has been lost to climate change than ever before. Milan believes that climate change is one of the most significant threats facing the planet. Anyone who wants to improve the environment can take action in various ways. Milan encourages people to use less plastic and to get involved politically.

Future Goals

Milan plans to continue developing Milan Farms in the coming years. He is proud of the work he has accomplished, but he also knows that there is much more to do. Anyone who wants to support his farm has the opportunity to do so. He enjoys teaching classes related to his exotic pets. Although exotic pets are fun to own, they do require a lot more care and maintenance than many people realize. Milan has also thought about writing a book related to farming.

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