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Our Constitution is supposed to protect American citizens from unlawful search and seizure of property. However, federal legislation has found loopholes in the sentiment imposed by our founding fathers. A United States Federal Appeals Court announced their ruling which allows police officers to seek and search cell phone records directly from wireless carriers, without a warrant.

The same court responsible for approving warrentless searches, is the same court that ruled just last year to deny what some consider to be invasions of privacy. American citizens can no longer expect any amount of personal security when it comes to their cell phone use.

Cops can now easily access every piece of data on your phone, without a search warrant, which includes information such as where you go, how long you stayed, personal phone calls, text messages, and websites visits, among other personal details.

Christian Broda has learned that many people are claiming this new law that allows the search and seizure of our phone records to be in direct violation of our constitutional rights as American citizens. Unfortunately, the Federal Appeals Court disagrees and has made it clear that officials will have full and unlimited access to your data.