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Category: Police Investigation

If the allegations levelled against him are anything to go by, George Gascon is a man in a very tight spot. According to a sworn declaration by Gary Delagnes, Gascon once made racially disparaging remarks at a dinner held in 2010 following heavy consumption of alcohol. He is also alleged to be largely unconcerned about diversity in the Police Department. Gascon hit back by calling the police union obstructive. George Gascon is the San Francisco District Attorney.
Delagnes, the former Police Officers Association President, made the submission to a blue-ribbon task force that was put together by the district attorney. The task force is tasked with carrying out investigations on alleged racism and homophobia within the police department. Delagnes made his submission just eight days after Gascon appeared before the panel. In his submission, Gascon testified that the police union had the power to influence a Police Commission or a chief of police’s ability to effectuate reforms.
The police union has been having feuds with the DA over the blue ribbon panel, comprising of three judges. In their submissions that were made public, the police union refers to Gascon as a hypocrite in his action of handpicking the panel himself. The panel had been engaging in negotiations on the terms under which the union leaders would come before the panel. However, the executive director of the panel, Anand Subramanian, has confirmed that the negotiations have since broken down.
According to Delagnes, on one night in 2010 during a dinner attended by himself, Gascon, Martin Halloran and a union representative, Gascon, then a police chief, was drinking heavily. He then started recalling his service with the LAPD. It is at this point that he started making racially disparaging remarks that targeted minorities. He got so loud and animated that another patron walked over to request him to restrain himself.
Upon receiving a copy of the sworn declaration, Alex Bastian, the spokesman for the office of the District Attorney failed to directly respond to the allegations made by Delagnes. In an interview however, Halloran, the current POA president, collaborated the account presented by Delagnes. Both he and Delagnes failed to give specifics.


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