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In 2002, Hussain Sajwani established DAMAC Properties firm after a new Dubai government verdict that allowed outsiders to own properties was issued. Sajwani further succeeded to sell off his first 38-story residential building in just six months.


DAMAC Properties allied with Trump to develop two Trump-branded golf courses. One was opened in February 2017 at DAMAC Properties’ Akoya residential development based in Dubai. The other, Trump World Golf Course (designed by Tiger Woods), will be launched officially in a different DAMAC Property development by late 2018.



DAMAC Properties is a UAE firm located in Dubai. It handles property development, appealing market exploits, and now a popular golf course project with Donald Trump. Today, catering is still part of DAMAC Group’s operations since the service reminds Hussain of his first business enterprise and his ability to nurture friendships across the world. As the firm continues to develop, Hussain insists on applying his past skills to help in the recovery of UAE property prices.


DAMAC Properties’ chair praised the firm for its resilience in overcoming crises through cautious husbanding of money, controlling costs, reining in some projects, and applying strict measures appropriately. Further, he mentioned that DAMAC Properties is based on three principles: land should not be held on debt, escrow accounts should be autonomous, and that cash reserves should be retained by the firm in either fixed accounts or government bonds to support construction schedule in case of an overturn in the market.


The Association of Hussain Sajwani and Donald Trump


The real estate developer is aiming to advance his business relationship with Donald Trump’s The Trump Organization. Sajwani further told NBC News about his close ties with Trump, which extended towards the president-elect’s family. On New Year’s Eve, while celebrating his elections victory at his Mar-a-Lag resort in Florida, Mr. Trump praised his Dubai-based business partner and his entire family.


Hussain Sajwani’s Generosity


Hussain Sajwani handed a cheque worth AED two million for a campaign to clothe a million needy children worldwide. The Ramadan initiative was launched by the UAE’s VP and Prime Minister His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum – who also happens to be the leader of Dubai. He made the donation as part of the company’s support of the Dubai government to improve the living standards of people globally. Additionally, the firm’s donation will offer clothing and warmth for over 50,000 deprived children.

When people think about Betsy DeVos one of the things that come to mind besides her political affiliations is her charitable acts of philanthropy. She is known to have been deeply involved in the positive changes in her community. For one thing, she has a heart for struggling families and sees that education is very important to making the needed changes in life. She and her husband have donated a lot of money to different causes and institutions in order to help them improve on the quality of services they offer to them. The following are the institutions that have received the donations from Betsy DeVos.

According to dbdvfoundation.org, There were a lot of donations listed on the tax forms of the DeVos family. One of the donations they have made are to the Success Academy Charter Schools. Success has received $150,000 in donations with another $150,000 approved for a total of $300,000. Another school she has donated to was The Potter’s House. She has made a special mention of that school from time to time stating that it was the one school that got her interested in trying to bring forth school choice for students to have the chance to receive better education.

Read more: http://www.npr.org/sections/ed/2017/01/31/512507538/under-devos-heres-how-school-choice-might-work

One institution they have given to was the Alliance for School Choice. Given that they are trying to bring forth school choice, it is only fitting that Dick and Betsy DeVos make their donations to the Alliance for School Choice so that they can help each other with the cause.

Meanwhile, Betsy has been involved in education in other capacities which includes serving in various seats. Among the positions she has held was a place on the board for the Foundation for Excellence in Education.

With all of the different things she does for the educational industry, it shows that she is very passionate about making sure that people are getting high quality education. While other people just donate their money to causes, it is the person who has the most engagement in the cause that is going to make the most difference. Betsy DeVos has made time to engage herself in the causes.

The Qi group is excited about the new QNET’s brand ambassador. QNET is a direct sales company known globally. The company unveiled Martina Hingis, the tennis legend, as their new brand ambassador during their yearly V-Con convention. The convention was held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
The article discussing about the partnership was released through the BusinessWire. The announcement of the partnership took place on 18 September at the Hamdan Sports Arena. Joseph Bismark, the QI Group Managing Director, made the announcement in front of the 10000 guests who were gathered to also celebrate the 17th year anniversary of QNET.
The yearly convention is a platform where the Independent Representatives of QNET get together to learn and celebrate as a group. Martina Hingis has won the Grand Slam title five times and is the International Tennis Hall Of Fame Global Ambassador. Martina is very excited with the opportunity of working with QNET. The company’s presence in over 100 countries shows its popularity thus making consumers believe in its products and services.
QNET, which has an outstanding Sports sponsorship stable that features Manchester City Football Club and Marussia Formula 1 team, has added Martina to their sports team and personality list. Martina will compete in QNET sponsored events while representing the brand in India. She will be wearing QNET’s garb during the Champions Tennis League where she is one of the participants.
Joseph Bismark played a pivotal role in founding the QI group. He left home at a tender age and went to the Philippines Mountain. Bismark stayed at the monastery and left when he was in his late teens. The philosophies and principles that he was taught at the Ashram have become a strong pillar in his management approach. He incorporated all his teachings into the business world and that is the reason why the company continues to enjoy immense success. Bismark believes that working together as a team yields a greater success.
He is not afraid of teaching his skills to members of his staff. Bismark believes that the Knowledge he imparts on his team is not limited to only his company but to any organization that any of his team members might work for or establish in the future. Joseph has mentored a number of people and helped them open their own businesses. He also established the RYTHM Foundation. This Foundation provides mentor ship and workshop programs to the members of society.

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