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David McDonald was born and raised in Lowa northwest. After he finished his high school education, he got admission at the Lowa State University in 1987, after studying David got the award as an outstanding senior, and the same year he attained a degree in animal science. His career path started in Chicago in OSI Company after his graduation. In all the position that he got in the company, he made sure that he gave his complete best that’s the reason why at the end he attained the rank of becoming the CEO of the company. The other position that David McDonald held in OSI company is that he was the project manager and different other allocations. Also, there was an operation that was carried in Australia by OSI firm that he operated as the SEO.

As he was SEO of the OSI group, he made some changes like improving the sustainability. There was one thing that he coordinated that with time has proved being worthy is that he took the global team and local operations and he organized them together. The goal that he had was that with the coordination the team would have an idea the trends that took place globally and with that, they can still meet the expectations of the clients. They coordination would make sure that OSI group will work in favor of the customers. The merging would oversee that the company was launching new acquisitions and operations.

For the acquiring of Boha foods, David MacDonald’s in August 2016 said that they have plans going ahead with the idea. The acquisition was that Boha Foods would give OSI Group the chance of growing in Europe. So far the results that have been received from the purchase are nothing but good things, for Boha’s products they have been able to complement the products of OSI’s. The demand that the OSI’s products were getting in the marketplace it increased in large rate. Over the years David McDonald has been taking advantage of the opportunities that arise that need him to invest.

The success that David McDonald has been able to achieve in OSI Group is because of the intelligence that he has and for the team in the company they make sure that they execute the plans. The group has excellent leadership, and with that, they are confident that they will achieve all the set goals. In the Lowa State University, he has given the school his support by being active in donating.

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Sheldon Lavin is the current Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of global food solutions provider OSI Group. He has been with the company since 1970 and as the sons of company founder Otto Kolschowsky retired, one after the other, Sheldon was left with sole control Since the 1970s he has led the company on a whirlwind of expansion across the globe. The company is one of America’s top 100 food businesses and top private businesses. OSI operates 80 facilities spread out over 17 countries. The food powerhouse employs 20 thousand plus employees.

Originally coming to the attention of OSI Group’s founding family as a financial consultant, Sheldon impressed the firm so much in his work acquiring financing for expansion, that the Kolchowsky family brought him into OSI as a full-time member of the team. One of the things that Sheldon has pushed at OSI is a family oriented culture. Customers and employees are treated as family members. The result is that employee turnover is very low and OSI’s customers tend to make very long-term commitments.

OSI Group has been a true award winning company during Sheldon Lavin’s tenure as CEO and Chairman. The firm has won awards for environmental management, excellence in managing safety risks and management of health risks. 2016 saw OSI receive the prestigious Globe of Honour from the British Safety Council in recognition of the company’s excellence in environmental matters. That same year, Sheldon Lavin was awarded the Global Visionary Award by India’s Vision World Academy in recognition of his tremendous accomplishment of taking OSI Group to the global level. This was yet another feather in the cap for Sheldon’s legendary career.

Sheldon Lavin has a long reputation of being a philanthropist. He is a regular contributor to Ronald McDonald House Charities, Inner City Foundation of Chicago, and Jewish United Fund.

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Sheldon Lavin is among the people with successful career life today. He happens to be the CEO of OSI Group currently and he aims at taking the company to greater heights in terms of organization and management. Whenever OSI Group is mentioned, most people have the food and meat products in mind. In Illinois, the company is based in Aurora. Food service and retail sector are what the company is mainly known for. It is amazing to note that Lavin was an outsider when he joined the company. His active involvements in the company’s operations were evident in 1970. By then, the company wasn’t known as the OSI Group, but it was Otto & Sons Company that Otto and his sons owned.

The potential that the company had in the 1970s was unmatched. The company had a chance to supply hamburgers to McDonald Corporation in large quantities. Nonetheless, this was possible since there were some financial hitches that Lavin had to come and correct. The kind of growth the company realized when Lavin came in as the financial advisor was great. Lavin also worked hard to ensure the company could get adequate funds from the reputable financial institutions.

Lavin realized in 1975 that there is more he could offer to the company besides financial advice. He played a major role in ensuring the company got a good share of investments and business overseas. After Mr. Otto retired, Lavin opted to work with the left sons and this saw the company’s name change to OSI Group. Lavin worked harder to ensure the company’s clientele base in Illinois became broader and even spread to the rest of the world. Amazingly, the company was able to supply its products to Asia, North America, Japan, Europe, Australia, Philippines and South Africa. This great move could not have been possible if Lavin was mean to his leadership skills and management abilities.

Since the company had spread in several continents under his leadership, Lavin took over the company by buying a controlling interest. He hasn’t just changed the way food processing in the company is done, but also the view many people have over the processed products. He has made the complex supply chain management possible by specializing in large-scale operations. Lavin has earned the company this great success because he is always open to working with ambitious people and like-minded individuals. He has enhanced the company’s collaborative culture through teamwork and this has helped him reduce employee turnover rates.

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China has over a billion people. As one of the world’s largest nations, it also has a diverse group of people. The Chinese retail market is huge. Many companies around the world have increasingly realized that they can successfully expand into China. They know that in recent years the average per capita income in China has grown steadily. This puts more money into the average Chinese person’s hands. As a result, many Chinese people are happy to spend money. One company that is presently expanding into this vast market is OSI Group. Officials at this large conglomerate in Aurora, IL have been involved in the Chinese market for over two decades. However, President and Chief Executive Officer David G. McDonald and his team of visionary staffers still see yet more room for expansion in the markets here. They know that the Chinese market is likely to play an even greater role in the future. They also know that Chinese consumers are also likely to look for ways to enjoy a delicious meal even when they are busy. Company officials have come to understand the ever growing power of the market here in the past and see even more growth to come.

Eight Factories

At present, OSI Group operates eight factories in China. They appreciate having a well trained group of employees who are capable of meeting strict deadlines and adhering to tight safety standards. They also appreciate working with a group of workers who are dedicated to the company’s goals in every way possible. Many Chinese people have migrated from the countryside to the larger cities. However, the population of China has still remained constant in many parts of the country. This has helped officials at OSI Group find a willing group of employees in many parts of the country they can find to help them run their factories. Under such circumstances, those who watch this industry closely are not surprised to learn that plans are underway for expansion in yet more areas of China. Company officials at OSI Group plan to open up several additional factories. They are hopeful they can keep expanding in the Chinese market. They know they can provide high quality items for the local consumer market. Officials also know they can have highly effective operations in China that allow them to provide equally high quality food for their consumers in other parts of the globe.

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OSI Group, under the able leadership of President and COO David McDonald, has in the recent past sought to strengthen its global foothold in the food processing industry. The Aurora-based food processor has thus embarked on an expansion mission that has seen the company expand most of their processing plants, especially in Europe and China as well as acquire well-performing regional brands like Baho Foods. But what role has David McDonald played in this expansion and sustainability of the company? Here are a few events that show his contribution towards achieving the goals global leadership goals.

Championing the understanding of local cultures

When it comes to running a global enterprise, especially in the food industry, David understands that it takes more than good strategies and adherence to local regulations. He believes that it takes it a deep understanding of the domestic consumers taste preferences. Therefore, since he took over the position of the company president, David has emphasized on the need for the company staff to keep abreast with the local consumer taste buds as it significantly affects the company’s efficiency.

Backing OSI Group’s expansion plans

As chief of operations, one of David’s roles at the food company involves constant evaluation of the company’s performance and coming up with recommendations for possible improvement. Interestingly, most of his proposals involve initiating expansion programs of a significant number of the company’s close to 50 food processing plants in over 17 countries.

Key among these expansion programs is the proposed addition of two new mega-plants to the eight already in existence in China. According to David, the two plants will upon completion center OSI Group as one of the country’s leading food processor and the largest poultry producer. Backing the company’s extensive investments in China, David mentions that the country continues to be the largest growing consumer in the world. OSI would, therefore, like to be part of this tremendous growth just like it has for over two decades now.

Maintaining key partnerships

Even with the massive expansion and acquisition programs that the company has initiated in the recent past, David is quick to note it wouldn’t have been possible without critical partners. These primarily refer to the company’s leading consumers who he has fostered fundamental relations with by involving them in each the company’s moves as well as responding positively to their recommendations. He remains confident that these interactions help the company maintain valuable engagements with these consumers that are key to the company’s sustainability and to know more

OSI Group is a privately-owned company specializing in meat processing and services both retail and food service industries. The food processing company was founded in 1909 in the United States. The company has its international headquarters in Aurora, Illinois State in the United States of America. The company supplies sandwiches, beef patties and sausage links to its customers. OSI Industries operates in China, Europe and in the United States. The food processing company’s unit in the United Kingdom recently won the Globe of Honour Award in 2016. The award was given to the OSI by the British Safety Council for its continued tremendous efforts of managing environmental risks.

OSI Group acquired Baho Food, a Dutch company manufacturing meat products as well as other food items for food industries. Baho food operates in Germany and Netherlands and has five subsidiary companies including Q Smart Life, Vital Convenience, Henri van de Bilt, Bakx Food and Gelderland Frischwaren that serve over 18 countries all over Europe. The acquisition will widen the market for OSI products across Europe.

The company also purchased Tyson Foods, a food processing company and storage facility based in Chicago. The facility that is close to the OSI’s Chicago unit will help in the development and expansion of the Chicago facility. Tyson food will assist OSI in meeting their customers’ demands in Chicago and the neighboring states.

Apart from acquiring Baho Foods and Tyson Foods, OSI Industries has also purchased Flagship Europe. Flagship Europe is food company specializing in the supplies of mayonnaise, sauces, sous vide products, frozen poultry, and dressing to the foodservice market in the United Kingdom. Flagship Europe purchased Calder Food that supplies mayonnaise, marinades and sandwich fillings. The Flagship Europe was initially owned by the Flagship Food Group. The acquisition has increased OSI Groups’ presence in the food industry. This will enable the company to cover more grounds in Europe and will, therefore, reach many European customers.

Currently, OSI Industries has employed over 20,000 employees on a full-time basis. It offers equal opportunities to qualified professionals irrespective of race, religion, color, sex, disability status and national origin. OSI Industries is among the top 100 Food Companies in the United States. This is due to the fact that the companies provide quality foods and quality services to its customers. It has also broadened its operations to other countries globally. The company received the ISO 14001 Certification for environmental certification. Its executives include Sheldon Lavin and David McDonald who are its Chief Executive Officers and Chief Operating Officer respectively.

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David spent most of his childhood in North East of Iowa, and he studied and graduated in the Iowa State University in the year 1987. He was awarded the Wallace E. Barron senior award and obtained a bachelor’s degree in animal science. After graduating, he started his career with the OSI group in Chicago and worked hard until he merited his present position as president of OSI industries. He also plays the role of the chief operating officer. He once served as project manager of OSI industries and played the role of independent director of the Marfrig Global Food.

David has contributed greatly to the success of OSI group. He made his way into the company in the late 1980’s, soon after his graduation from the Iowa University. His commitment to excellence warranted his appointment as president of the company. David also works as a COO of OSI and directs an operation of this organization in Australia.

As president, one of the responsibilities accorded to David is setting strategies for the company. He has facilitated the easy coordination of activities among global logistics members and the local operations. This ensures that the products offered are up to date and meet up the expectations of consumers globally. He is optimistic that the OSI market expansion will yield positive results for them. Among the strategies that David set, is initiating new operations and purchasing food processing industries in certain places.

David stated that OSI purchased Baho, in August 2016, as one of its plan to increase its market existence. This was a great benefit since the items manufactured by Baho would complement OSI’s products. David has overseen the establishment of global networks with teams within the organization and other firms globally. He ensures that every member of the various groups’ have the necessary knowledge of the tastes and preferences of their local clients. David believes that delivery of more goods depends on much more than the quantity produced.

In the year 1992, David steered the OSI company to put up the first processing plant in Beijing. This plant from that time henceforth has been known to provide the best meat for the Chinese consumers. With David spearheading the entire operation, OSI group were given the contract to solely supply meat to people present for the Beijing Olympics in 2008. For more info about us: http://www.osigroup.com/news/ click here.

David was well known for giving impeccable advice to the OSI group. He was greatly involved in the OSI’s decision to give over 252000 pounds of meat to North American organizations. This donation was used to help the less fortunate Americans who would not afford food.Despite the fact that OSI is international in its activities David has established domestic team managers who facilitate efficiency and sensitivity to local cultures and customs.

Most worldwide organizations have the component of being nearby in nature. An expansive organization having distinctive branches in China, Europe and the United States can’t run its operations in light of a one-estimate fits-all methodology. This is on account of gifts of the workers, social subtlety and government controls influence the operations of an organization. In the focused nourishment industry, shopper’s taste buds should likewise be put under contemplations.

The President of OSI Group, David McDonald, battles that the organization has a worldwide system with plants and workplaces in various parts of the globe. To this end, the company has organized neighborhood administration groups that comprehend the nearby tastes and societies. This technique has empowered the organization to fulfill the utility of its customers in various nations. OSI Group is a prestigious provider of significant worth added protein things to different retail brands and nourishment benefit. With more than 50 offices/plants in 17 countries, the organization tries to concentrate on nearby arrangements and worldwide productivity to extend its operations in China.

For as long as 20 years, the organization has been rendering its administrations in China. Directly, OSI Group has eight offices. With the finishing of the two new offices, the worldwide partnership will rank as the biggest maker of poultry in nation. With the developing buyer market and energy of populace, David McDonald is certain that they will keep on providing their customers with inventive items.

Other than its continuous tasks in China, OSI Group is creating seven new generation and preparing offices around the globe. McDonald fights that organization opened the biggest bolster process in China. The plant has a yearly limit of 600,000 metric tons. David McDonald went ahead to state that in a few years, they had opened a greater number of plants than in others. Be that as it may, the organization has a hunger for development.

David McDonald attested that Chairman Lavin, has constantly assumed significant part in enlarging the development of the partnership and offering clients with an expansive assortment of items. Frequently, the organization draws in with buyers to talk about the arrangements or ideas that they look to seek after.

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