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As an independent professional on Upwork, it is essential that you do not miss deadlines. It is one of the worst ways to upset your client. The clients pay at Upwork to get their work done nicely and on time, and when it doesn’t happen, the clients reserve the right to cancel the task, re-assign the professional, and give negative reviews as well. It would hamper your reputation online as a professional, and it would make it difficult to find new clients after that.

So, to be successful as a freelancer at Upwork, one of the first things that you need to take care of is to maintain a to-do list. A to-do list would always keep you in the loop about the tasks that you need to complete, and how to manage your schedule accordingly. For many people maintaining a to-do list is all about keeping things in mind and doing things randomly, but it would not help you stay organized. Most of the times, you would be running behind deadline, and it is something that your clients would surely not like.

Upwork is a site that has some of the best independent professionals as well as clients registered, and if you do not get work done on time, rest assured others would do that for your client. It would end up with you losing the client as well as considerable revenue. Make sure that you write the to-do list and assign priorities to the different tasks in hand so that you know which work needs to be done first.

Keep re-evaluating your to-do list from time to time to ensure that you are not falling behind on any particular task. There are many tasks that people put off repeatedly, and evaluating from time to time would help you identify that. Also, using an online app to maintain your to-do list would help you stay organized and remain in the loop of the things that are completed and the tasks that need to be completed. It would also help you know if the deadline for any particular work is nearing, and needs immediate attention.