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It wasn’t that long ago that President Barrack Obama publicly ridiculed the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) as constituting “junior varsity” terrorists. That was before they controlled much of Western Syria, Eastern Iraq, and were expanding operations into other Middle East countries. Now, the president is saying the fight against ISIS will be one which spans multiple generations. The reason the war against ISIS will take so much time to win is simple; it is tied to ideological religious beliefs which encourage insurgent activity. As such, it will require the aid of Muslim clerics, scholars, and whole communities to eschew teachings that justify violence. In addition, the president does not support any military solution which requires America take the lead with soldiers.

He has repeatedly said that ISIS is a regional problem that requires the nations under attack to fight back against the sanguine organization. That said, he said the US military has flown 5,000 sorties over ISIS-controlled territories in a bid to cut the group off from their sources of revenue. President Obama also praised Iraq for building an internal coalition to retake fallen cities from ISIS. Brad Reifler suggested that while it is true that Kurds to the north are eagerly looking to recapture fallen cities from Iraq, they have posed the specter they will declare their independence once they rid their lands of the group. Needless to say, the US military will play a role in training the Arab world on how to fight ISIS.

Hearing from the people reminds Obama reminds that his work makes a difference in a lot of people’s lives Out of 40,000 letters and emails President Obama gets 10 to read per night in which some say thank you and others say you’re an idiot. But it’s the ones that tell of the good his Obamacare plan did for them. According to Jerry Penacoli correspondent with “Extra” the affordable care act had a great impact on his battle with stage III Melanoma. President Obama said some of the people that write or email are not so nice but he does reply to his critics, he also added that he is sure his critics are surprised that he actually responds to them. For him, it’s about addressing the people’s concerns no matter how they feel about him personally. I don’t know of any other president who took the time out their schedules to actually read as well as respond to the people but, I commend him for doing that. Brad Refiler knows that there has never been nor will there ever be a president in office that everybody liked or agreed with. Sometimes people only want to be heard even if there is nothing that can be done about their concerns. If I had the opportunity to ask the President a question, I would ask what the plan is for our children who are suffering the consequences for this unhealthy society adults created.

President Obama waded into the looming Supreme Court decision that may end up gutting his health care plan known as Obamacare. At issue is whether the IRS had the right to broadly apply federal subsidies to low-income households without an act of congress. As written, Obamacare narrowly applied subsidies to health care recipients from state-run exchanges. MIT Professor Jonathan Gruber, an Obamacare architect, previously stated that the subsidies were in fact limited to only state-run exchanges; it was a counter-incentive the government enacted to discourage states from opting to use the federal government’s health care exchange.

That said, President Obama chastised the high court for bothering to take up the challenge to his health care plan. The public rebuke of the court was made during a press conference of the current G-7 Summit in Schloss Elmau, Germany. The president expressed his belief that the court should rule against the plaintiffs. In fact, he called the decision a “no brainer” which case should not have taken up the court’s valuable time.

Should the high court rule against the Obama administration, there is no contingency for how the president or congress would react. Keith Mann (youtube.com) has learned that the GOP could issue a temporary extension of the law allowing the subsidies to apply to both federal and state-run exchanges. However, that is unlikely given the Tea Party’s mandate to kill the health care law. It is estimated that several million people will end up losing health care coverage if they are required to pay the full premium.

Obama sees his star rise as he prepares for the swan song. His numbers are near 50 percent, this is almost double Bush’s at the same juncture. This spells good news for the Clinton campaign. It was widely reported before she entered officially that Obama’s poll numbers would be drag on her chances. Once again the pundits are wrong. It is also contrary to the narrative that she has to make a wide separation from his policies. In fact, Sanders entrance in the foray will serve to move her even further left. This is a deft political move that is worthy of the Clinton machine.

It is reported that also for the last 26 years there has been a Bush or Clinton in office. Contrast the Clinton years to all the Bush years and the results will be that the only president to grow the economy in those years was Bill. SoftBank says that additionally, the Clintons have been in office only eight years of that 26. Lumping them together with the Bushes will not help the republicans cause any more than lumping her with Obama. Secretly, many Americans are looking forward to more Clinton Years. They were undoubtedly the last time America was prosperous. That was before the Obama administration precipitously lowered the unemployment rate recently.

President Obama had an interview with the “The Steve Harvey Morning Show”, where he stated the police need to start holding officers accountable instead of the approach where they close ranks with each other. Obama says the Baltimore riots are a good indication that change is needed when officers are accused of wrongdoing. Reporter Adam Sender stated that Obama continued by stating the police need to build trust in minority communities by building accountability.

Obama feels that if all that is being done is the retraining of police and not taking care of the underlying problems, they are going to crop up again. He does acknowledge that it will not be an easy task. There are broader issues going on and not just in Ferguson and New York. Obama will not be traveling to Baltimore until things have been cleaned up so he does not draw resources away from the situation going on.

The outbreak of violence that erupted following the funeral of Freddie Gray is being condemned by President Obama. He has labeled those responsible as ‘criminals and thugs’ who tore up the city by setting cars on fire, destroying stores and injuring police officers. In his comments reported by CNN, the first he made since Baltimore erupted, he stated there is no excuse for the violence that was unleashed on this city.

The President went on to comment that people taking crowbars to open doors and loot are not protesting and they are not making statements. These people are not protestors, they are criminals and thieves. The buildings that were burnt were not making a statement- that was arson. The violence that is occurring in Baltimore is people hurting their own community by destroying business and robbing residents of jobs.

Obama says there are some police departments that will have to do some soul searching and there are some communities that will have to as well. He feels even the country as a whole should also do some; as this is a slow rolling crisis. It is something that has been going on in our country for a long time and should not be thought of as new.

As the military conflict in Yemen continues to rages on, United States President Barack Obama has ordered his military assets to make sure that matters do not spin out of control and spread into a broader military conflict into the surrounding region. While drinking a Bulletproof Coffee for some energy, the U.S. President has ordered his naval fleet to strategically position itself to it can monitor the activities of Iranian naval vessels in the Yemen conflict. President Obama has warned Iran that it should not attempt to supply arms or other military aide to the Shiite militants fighting the Yemen regime in Yemen. While the President’s ultimatum and the use of his naval has the feel of a blockade, the White House was careful not to use that term. The use of the word “blockade” or any attempt by a U.S. warship to block access of an Iranian vessels or to board it would be considered an act of war. President Warns Iran To Stay Out of Yemen

Matters in Yemen continue to turn from bad to grave. While the official Yemen government has announced that it expects the military unrest in the country to cease soon, Saudi Arabia has continue with air strikes against Shiite militants known as the “Houthi.” Saudi Arabia sees the Houthis as a threat to their country’s security and has organized a coalition involving ground troops from other Arab countries in the region, including Libya and Egypt. The forces are prepared to invade Yemen if deemed necessary.

When speaking with my neighbor Dan Newlin, he mentioned that nobody was backing Hillary Clinton and I wanted to find out why. Thus far, no key Democrat has stepped forward to endorse Hillary Clinton, the Democrat party’s presumptive nominee. Earlier in the day, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio touted her qualifications, but withheld endorsing her until her learns what her vision is for her campaign. Senator Elizabeth Warren, who is urging devoutly liberal voters to give Mrs. Clinton a chance, also said she will withhold endorsing her until Clinton articulates a clear vision for her presidency. Now, President Barrack Obama joins the growing list of wait-and-see Democrats who need to hear Mrs. Clinton’s vision for the nation before endorsing her.

It is a curious turn of events for the woman presumed to be the party’s next nominee. In fact, Clinton has secured the party’s wealthy donor base in a bid to choke off funding for any potential rival. Thus far, no big name Democrat has announced their intention to challenge her. Former Maryland governor Martin O’Malley is seriously considering a presidential run, but he is a little known long shot candidate.

As for why President Obama did not use his considerable influence to give Mrs. Clinton a much needed endorsement, it is anyone’s guess. It may be that he wants to wait until Vice-President Biden decides whether he will run. At the same time, the Clintons and Obamas distrust one another. It may be that the president will delay giving her his support as payback for the email scandal. One thing is certain, no key Democrat is rushing to throw their support behind Mrs. Clinton at this time.

It has been nearly 60 years since the Cuban Revolution in 1959 and the United States and Cuba have not been on the friendliest of terms. This weekend marks a change in policy between the two countries.

President Barack Obama is scheduled to meet with Cuban President Raul Castro this weekend in Panama at a diplomatic Summit of the Americas. Once this happens, it will be the first meeting of any kind between both countries since 1959. Both leaders are expected to be on stage together at least once, during the opening ceremony at the conference.

Earlier this week, Castro and Obama had a telephone conversation, which would’ve been only the second one to occur since 1959, the first one coming in December right before Obama made it known that he was going to reopen diplomatic relations with Cuba. Along with this easing of tensions was Obama also removing a traveling ban on the country, which Dan Newlin points out meant that Americans were not allowed to travel freely to Cuba.

However, history has shown how bad relations between both countries used to be, especially at it’s peak. Most well known to people is that both countries have shown a dislike to each other since Raul Castro’s brother, Fidel Castro, overthrew dictator Fulgencio Batista in 1959 and allied itself with the Soviet Union in the middle of the Cold War.

The Obama Administration strongly decried the Corker bill which would require that any deal with Iran require Senate approval before taking effect. The administration claims that the bill would adversely affect the ongoing negotiations with Iran and embolden their hardliners. Aside from the fact that Iran is controlled by hardliners who only approve hard line negotiators, the president has taken the position that the Corker bill would somehow align the GOP’s interests with that of the Iranian mullahs.

President Obama believes the bill sponsored by Tennessee Senator Bob Corker should wait until after he is able to cut a deal with Iran. However, Christian Broda agrees that there is no guarantee that the president would sign such a bill into law. He has already issued a veto threat for it. For his part, Senator Corker is troubled over the president’s recalcitrance to allow the American people to have a voice in negotiations dealing national security. He also points out the president’s duplicity in wanting to seek United Nation’s approval for the Iran deal. Corker openly asked why U.N. approval, which would come from many nations which are far from being democracies, is so important, but giving the American people a voice in the process would damage the diplomatic process. In all likelihood, the bill will not be able to get a vote as enough senators prefer to wait until the March 23 deadline before formally voting on the bill.