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Category: Neurology

Did you know that acts of unselfishness such as donating to charity or participating in community work is good for your overall wellness? If your answer is no, then we are glad to break the news to you. According to findings of a study by a professor from Harvard Business School in 2008, participants became happy when they gave out money to the needy instead of spending it. The findings were still the same in yet another experiment conducted by a professor of Psychology at the University of California.

Another research by Jorge Moll in 2006 showed that feeling happy after giving is not just an ordinary scenario but is connected with the brain. According to this scientific study by Jorge Moll and his colleagues, giving to charity or volunteering our time to help others stimulates the brain regions which are connected to pleasure and trust. That results in the release of endorphin, the hormone responsible for happiness thus producing a positive feeling in the giver.

Apart from making you happy, giving boasts positive effects for your overall wellness. This too is backed up by a series of scientific experiments and studies. For instance, according to a research in 2006, acts of charity improve physical health by decreasing stress which in return prevents or keeps conditions which are stress related such as high blood pressure at bay.

Other benefits of giving include improved co-operation and social connection, it arouses gratitude and lastly is contagious. That means once you begin giving back to the society, the effect is felt by the entire community and the ripple of happiness spreads throughout leading to a better world for everyone.


About Jorge Moll

Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro Brazil, Jorge Moll is a well-known neurologist and entrepreneur with profound knowledge and reputation not only in the Brazilian medical arena but internationally as well. Jorge Moll’s success in this arena is not out of sheer luck but out of hard work and determination. His journey to success began in the federal university of Rio de Janeiro where he received his medical degree. Instead of being comfortable with a degree as many would do, Jorge Moll went on to complete his residency in neurology. Jorge later furthered his studies at Sao Paulo University where he earned his Ph.D. accreditation (Crunchbase).

Jorge Moll has worked with various prominent health organizations and has served senior positions, but currently, he is the president of D’Or institute of research and education where he has achieved significant milestones in the field of neurology. Jorge Moll uses his neuropsychological proficiency to help patients suffering from neuropsychiatric disorders. He is also quite philanthropic and gives back to the society through the Cognitive and behavioral neuroscience unit a program he established to help patients with any neuropsychiatric disorders.

During his free time, Jorge Moll dedicates himself to writing neurological articles. Through these Mr. Moll raises awareness on how the brain functions thus assisting people to improve their lives through the knowledge they gain from such publications.