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Category: Net Neutrality

Category: Net Neutrality

On Friday, May 1, several big telecommunication companies in the United States filed requests with the Federal Communications Commission to block critical parts of the recent Net Neutrality ruling, such as the part that stops providers from “unreasonably interfering” with user access and the parts that reclassifies the Internet as a public utility. Many critics have been shaking their heads over the weekend and on Monday because these part of Net Neutrality are its core foundation.

Christian Broda has learned that telecoms claim that implementation of the business and infrastructure changes necessary to meet the Net Neutrality rules by June 12 would be too much of a financial and infrastructure burden. Some believe they are using this current tactic as a way to prevent the rules from going into effect in June so they will have more time to make a case against Net Neutrality as a whole in courts.

Whatever the telecoms’ background reasons, consumers are not interested in any telecom claims or excuses. In fact, many people have noted that the telecoms are only fighting Net Neutrality because it prevents them from “double dipping” — charging both consumers and website owners — and overpricing consumers. One of the biggest defenses of Net Neutrality made by consumers is that without Net Neutrality the telecoms can continue their scam of throttling consumer access, putting the blame on traffic and website owners and then offering “faster” services for more money.