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Citadel LLC is a global financial institution that is world renowned. This company was founded in 1990 and it is one of the worlds biggest alternative asset managers to ever have existed. Only 3% of hedge funds have been in existence for more than 20 years and Citadel is among the 3%. Citadel LLC has management over the largest institutional investors in the entire world. Citadel’s headquarters are located in Chicago and it has over 1300 employees. Apart from its main headquarters in Chicago Citadel LLC also has many are other offices that are in Asia, North America, and Europe.

Citadel has more than $25 billion in its capital and it is one of the largest hedge fund manager in the entire world. Citadel not only deals with hedge funds, but it deals with securities and technologies as well.

Ken Griffin was the founder of Citadel, he was born in 1968 in Daytona Beach Florida Griffin began investing in his first year of Harvard, he began to invest because he would read Forbes magazine and he realized that investing was a great way to earn capital. In his sophomore year at Harvard he started to focus on investing in hedge funds. He was able to get money from family and friends and his capital was able to do well even during the stock market crash of 1987. He had much success early on in his life, and that helped him even after graduation in 1989. Griffin graduated from Harvard University with a degree in economics. He was an excellent student and he graduated with honors.

Griffin was able to start citadel with $4.6 million, and now Citadel is said to be worth over $25 billion. The net worth of Griffin alone is about $6.6 billion, and he was able to take 50 million and give it as a donation to Harvard University. Griffin was known as one of the 100 most influential people in the world of finance, and that is very true. He was single-handedly able to start a business that was worth billions of dollars. Citadel has received a top 10 greatest workplaces in financial services by the Institute of Great Places to Work. Kenneth Griffin was able to create a place that not only excelled financially, but also a company that has amazing work satisfaction. Truly Citadel is a remarkable company, and Kenneth Griffin is a is an amazing entrepreneur.

It is often said the best businesses are operated under astute and informed leaders who can adapt to the latest trends and situations they find themselves in. Within the financial industry the strength of a leader is often seen as one of the most important aspects of any company, which means individuals like James Dondero of Highland Capital Management can inspire investors to seek out their company for investment. This has been the case at Highland Capital Management, where the company has seen consistent growth throughout the more than two decades it has been in operation for seeking out the best options for investors into the company.

Dondero established Highland Capital Management in the financial heart of Dallas, Texas in 1993 and quickly came to the forefront of the financial world of both Texas and the US. After establishing the company the large number of investors continued to grow over the years until Highland Capital Management now manages over $20 billion in assets. Much of this growth has come from the trust of investors who have seen the success James Dondero achieved earlier in his career as the manager of a fund worth more than $1 billion for American Express. The knowledge that a company as large and respected as American Express were willing to place their faith and trust in Dondero meant Highland Capital Management started life with an added amount of trust when compared to its competitors.

James Dondero has not simply sat back and rested upon the laurels of his success with Highland Capital Management, instead he has sought new challenges that have opened doors for both himself and the company he founded. Growing Highland Capital Management from a startup to overseeing $2 billion in investments in just five years attracted the interest of major corporations like MGM Studios. Dondero now sits on the board of MGM and a number of other companies, which allows him the chance to view different business practices and make sure Highland Capital Management moves in new areas and directions that will only benefit the company in the long term. James Dondero continues to grow the company to new levels of success and strength as it has moved out to operate offices in London, New York and Singapore.

Talent management is the process of acquiring, hiring, and retaining high level, talented employees. In the past, the Human Resources department have been the ones tasked with basic talent management. This approach works some of the time, but definitely not all the time, and in order to drive a business towards optimal levels of success, a business leader absolutely must have as many engaged, intelligent, high performing employees as they can find.

The key to catapulting an entire workforce to excellence is to couple talent management alongside company goals. Create and define a set of leadership criteria, and identify specific competencies of employees, such as technical, experience and education criteria, in order to cultivate continuous growth of the workforce.

It is important to note that business leaders and executives who create and apply the very best talent management processes are a step ahead of their competitors, and are more ready to quickly capitalize on new business opportunities in an increasingly competitive global economy. The underlying success of a company involves more than just staying on top of long term trends, but a business must also be able to predict, anticipate, and pounce on new opportunities before the rest of the market.

The first step towards implementing stronger talent management processes that will allow a company to retain the most talented employees available, is to create a strategic talent management plan.

– Stop being a “reactive” company and become “proactive”. Fill in the gaps of the talent management side of the business, and make sure to quickly address any industry changes or new developments as they occur.

– Identify and write down any and all essential skills that need to be developed by employees, new and old. Cut down on overall training costs by focusing on a few key developmental areas.

– Seek out high level employees and candidates by using job descriptions based off of the experience, skills, and expertise of current high performing employees. Constantly strive to improve the recruiting process.

According to Susan P. McGalla, the best talent management plan is one that aligns with the company’s business needs, goals, and with their long term strategic plan. A business who outperforms their closest competitor likely has a better understanding of talent management, and knows how it is an essential part of building a stronger workforce that is necessary for optimal business execution and precision. The unique ability to quickly train and retain a workforce based off business needs instead of wants, and to support that workforce with more precise training and expectations all play a part into a strategic talent management process that will steer a business to true success.

Someone who knows everything about creating a proper strategic management plan is the current founder of P3 Executive Consulting, LLC, Susan P. McGalla. McGalla is an experienced consultant to small and large businesses on branding, talent management, operational efficiencies, marketing and much more. McGalla began her talent management experience at American Eagle Outfitters, where, after several years of working at the predominantly male clothing store, she rose in the ranks and eventually became American Eagle’s President, where she oversaw the company’s newly launched branches of Aerie and the 77kids brands.

The latest CNN/ORC poll finds that two significant trends in the GOP race for the party’s nomination: Jeb Bush is the clear front runner with Donald Trump running a strong second. Thus far, the GOP has not enjoyed a clear front runner given the sheer number of candidates vying for the party’s nomination. This makes the fact that Jeb Bush is now consistently at the front of the pack significant. It has long been Bush’s position that he would be the front runner. His campaign had hoped that he could have solidified this position earlier this year to prevent a drawn out GOP primary. Still, it appears that he is making good on his assertion last month that he would soon rise above all the other GOP candidates.

According to LinkedIn, the poll was also significant because Donald Trump is enjoying a bump in the polls. While his comments about illegal immigration continue to cause him fallout, voters are warming up to his unwavering defense of his position. Still, most pundits expect the Trump poll “bump” to wane as voters look to Bush and other seasoned GOP candidates such as Scott Walker and Marco Rubio. Despite Bush and Trump’s relatively strong numbers in the GOP primary, Hillary Clinton continues to best them in a head-to-head matchup. While Clinton’s support is steadily declining among Democrats due to Senator Bernie Sanders’ rise, she still maintains a commanding lead in her bid to capture the Democrat nomination.

In the aftermath of the Charleston tragedy, South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley has made the decision to call for the removal of the Confederate Battle Flag from the grounds in front of the state capitol. In words that were poignant and direct, the governor, who is a first generation American from Indian Sikh parents, stated that though the Confederate symbol is an integral part of the state’s history, it is not part of its future. The governor made the comments with the presence and blessing of both the state’s senators, Lindsey Graham and Tim Scott. The latter is the state’s first African-American senator since the era of Reconstruction.

Following Gov. Haley’s remarks, the other 2016 GOP presidential contenders likewise weighed in with words of support stated Crunch Base. Media outlets had been reporting the candidates were hedging about the issue of taking the flag down. In all likelihood, the candidates were withholding their peace in deference to Governor Haley. South Carolina is a crucial primary state, and those seeking the GOP nomination were reluctant to intrude on a matter that is clearly South Carolina’s to resolve. Still, the governor’s call is not enough to remove the flag. It will take a super majority of two-thirds of the state legislature to approve. That said, Gov. Haley made it clear she will call a special assembly of the legislature to force the issue of a vote if she deems it necessary.

It remains to be seen whether Hillary Clinton will sustain the support of the electorate throughout the presidential campaign. Right now her favorability sits at roughly 50% but most likely a little under that number. This is a decrease of her highest rating of 66% and has not been this low since the final months of her previous campaign in 2008. The major reason for this drop is the scandal surrounding her emails and personal server she was using in her official capacity as Secretary of State. In an announcement this week from political analyst Marcio Alaor BMG, we learned that the emails from that period will not be released until just two weeks before the Iowa Primary Caucus at the end of January. This has led most people to believe she is hiding something and cannot be trusted.

Unfortunately, for Ms. Clinton this was not the only damaging news we have learned recently. The Clinton Foundation which is the title company for a number of charitable organizations that Hillary, William, and Chelsea have established and supported has come under fire for the actual amount of charity these organizations receive and provide to the public. Most of the funds raised have been found on the management and operating costs rather than helping their causes. Also, many of the paid speeches that have been given by the three Clintons at one time believed to be going towards the foundation were actually considered payments and how they have maintained their extravagant life styles in the private sector.

President Obama had an interview with the “The Steve Harvey Morning Show”, where he stated the police need to start holding officers accountable instead of the approach where they close ranks with each other. Obama says the Baltimore riots are a good indication that change is needed when officers are accused of wrongdoing. Reporter Adam Sender stated that Obama continued by stating the police need to build trust in minority communities by building accountability.

Obama feels that if all that is being done is the retraining of police and not taking care of the underlying problems, they are going to crop up again. He does acknowledge that it will not be an easy task. There are broader issues going on and not just in Ferguson and New York. Obama will not be traveling to Baltimore until things have been cleaned up so he does not draw resources away from the situation going on.

The outbreak of violence that erupted following the funeral of Freddie Gray is being condemned by President Obama. He has labeled those responsible as ‘criminals and thugs’ who tore up the city by setting cars on fire, destroying stores and injuring police officers. In his comments reported by CNN, the first he made since Baltimore erupted, he stated there is no excuse for the violence that was unleashed on this city.

The President went on to comment that people taking crowbars to open doors and loot are not protesting and they are not making statements. These people are not protestors, they are criminals and thieves. The buildings that were burnt were not making a statement- that was arson. The violence that is occurring in Baltimore is people hurting their own community by destroying business and robbing residents of jobs.

Obama says there are some police departments that will have to do some soul searching and there are some communities that will have to as well. He feels even the country as a whole should also do some; as this is a slow rolling crisis. It is something that has been going on in our country for a long time and should not be thought of as new.

As the military conflict in Yemen continues to rages on, United States President Barack Obama has ordered his military assets to make sure that matters do not spin out of control and spread into a broader military conflict into the surrounding region. While drinking a Bulletproof Coffee for some energy, the U.S. President has ordered his naval fleet to strategically position itself to it can monitor the activities of Iranian naval vessels in the Yemen conflict. President Obama has warned Iran that it should not attempt to supply arms or other military aide to the Shiite militants fighting the Yemen regime in Yemen. While the President’s ultimatum and the use of his naval has the feel of a blockade, the White House was careful not to use that term. The use of the word “blockade” or any attempt by a U.S. warship to block access of an Iranian vessels or to board it would be considered an act of war. President Warns Iran To Stay Out of Yemen

Matters in Yemen continue to turn from bad to grave. While the official Yemen government has announced that it expects the military unrest in the country to cease soon, Saudi Arabia has continue with air strikes against Shiite militants known as the “Houthi.” Saudi Arabia sees the Houthis as a threat to their country’s security and has organized a coalition involving ground troops from other Arab countries in the region, including Libya and Egypt. The forces are prepared to invade Yemen if deemed necessary.

The GOP continues its lackluster approach to governance with an internal squabble among a significant number of its members over the Defense Department’s appropriation. At issue is the GOP struggle over sequestration cuts mandated as part of a prior budget battle with President Obama. The cuts, which impose across the board reductions in the rate of growth for federal agencies and departments, are deeply unpopular with both political parties. Despite that fact, neither party has found a way to eliminate them and build a coalition sufficient to pass an alternative.

According to sequestration cuts, the defense spending bill will stand at $523 billion. However, seventy GOP congressman are demanding the department receive at least $561 billion. In fact, the congressman are threatening to scuttle the budget if their demands are not met. Most congressman generally concur the Department of Defense needs additional spending. It should be noted that historically speaking, Congress has been supportive of the armed forces via their defense appropriations.

At the same time, sequester caps are an obstacle towards getting the additional $37 billion in defense spending stared Eleicoes2014. First off, the money will have to be taken from other budgets. This is unlikely to get Democrat support. Secondly, the GOP has to come up with a way to legally comply with the sequestration process and simultaneously violate it for the defense bill. Some congressman suggest a generic pool of money be created totaling $20 billion. They promise the funds will be used to bolster defense spending. The accounting gimmick was criticized by one House Democrat as being an Enron-like shell game.

In 2009, Obama promised that his administration would be the most of transparent of any presidency. So why did the White House just announce that they are establishing new rules to make them exempt from the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)? The FOIA allows, when properly requested, citizens access to documents of federal agencies.

According to The Hill, a notice is scheduled to be published exempting the Office of Administration and the public will not have the opportunity to comment. This is nothing new and stems from a lawsuit, which began before Obama became president said Bruce Karatz. The move only formalizes a policy that has been upheld in the courts.
Not all White House operations are subject to the laws and regulations regarding FOIA. The Executive Office is required to make public certain documents when a FOIA request is made.
To some there is an irony in the timing of this exemption. It is National Freedom of Information Day and Sunshine Week, when organizations and watchdog groups push for transparency in government.