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To the uninitiated, the question of who is Brian Mulligan often leads to the question, “Brian who?” This response is indicative of the career of a man who has striven to success with humility and drive. These two disparate characteristics are often self-exclusive in the world of business but have contributed to a success that is both unusual and exemplary.

Focus and drive became apparent as his key features when he entered the University of Southern California, received a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and immediately followed that considerable accomplishment with an MBA from the same University. Armed with a considerable education, Brian helped found the Entertainment Practice Unit and became its Senior Manager. After nearly six years he moved on to MCA Incorporated and worked as its Senior Vice President of Finance and Controller where he stayed for six more years, learning the ropes of the finance industry through hard personal experience. It was in these two positions where Brian reaffirmed his belief that the world is always changing and the successful are those who adapt to those changes.

Over a thirty-year period, Brian Mulligan has held nearly every position in the media/entertainment business. His expertise is sought by Universities and enterprises alike. Often Brian has worked with small corporations to set up their program for success.

Over the years, Brian has become a multi-faceted individual that takes on projects that other executives reject. Currently, his role as CEO of Brooknol Advisors, an advisory corporation in Sports, Media, and Entertainment allows him the freedom to act within the whole community of Los Angeles. Known for his quick wit and his drive to teach the ability to adapt to an ever-changing environment, Brian has become a sought out commodity in the philanthropic community as well. Brian’s involvement in the “A Better LA” project was instrumental in raising over $90 million for Los Angeles schools. He has also worked at the foundation level of society, contributing that most elusive of elements—time—to the coaching of football and basketball to kids. Brian believes so intensely in the concept of adaptability that he teaches these kids to not accept defeat, but to adapt to it and change it to make defeat a lesson toward success.

Without the influence of persons like Brian Mulligan, the community of Los Angeles would be a different world. His drive to succeed with humility is contagious to all who work with him and to all who experience his touch.