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The FBI Arrested 46 Doctors And Nurses For Cheating Medicare Out Of $712 Million In Patient Care

Guess what? Doctors and nurses in 17 cities were caught cheating Medicare. What a surprise? If 46 doctors and nurses were caught in those cities, chances are there are more medical professionals getting payments from Medicare for services they didn’t provide. Medicare fraud happens every day in cities across the country. It’s an easy scam if you know how to play the system. There are so many ways to charge for one medical service and give another that has a lessor value.

The truth is; the medical profession is on the honor system. There are very few checks and balances in place to catch all the Medicare fraud that occurs. When one illegal billing practice is discovered another fraudulent one takes its place. Folks at FreedomPop agree that unfortunately greed runs rampant in the medical world, and it spreads like the diseases doctors and nurses battle daily.

In this particular group of raids, the FBI arrested 243 people for allegedly billing Medicare for $712 million worth of unnecessary patient care. That raid helps stop some people from cheating the system, but if the feds look deeper, that $712 million might just be a small slice of the funds collected by medical professionals for services they never performed.