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Category: Medical Service

Jennifer Lee Walden is a distinguished plastic surgeon who was reared in Austin, Texas’ capital city. She went to Galveston’s University of Texas Medical Branch. She was a top student there as well. Walden went to the acclaimed Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital. She had an aesthetic surgery fellowship there. That experience gave her the knowledge necessary to set up a thriving New York, New York practice. Although she did extremely well on the East Coast, she made the decision to go back to her roots in 2011. That’s when she relocated back to her beloved Austin. Walden was one of the authors of a book that’s called “Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.”

Dr. Walden currently owns the Walden Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Center in Austin, Texas. She works as the center’s qualified Medical Director, too. She’s had this job since the spring of 2012. The practice has the accreditation of the AAAAASF (the American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities).

Education means a lot to Dr. Walden. The medical world is close to her as well. Her mother served as a surgical nurse. Her father, on the other hand, worked as a dentist. Walden, as a result, was no stranger to the medical field as a young child. She went to Anderson High School. She followed that by going to the University of Texas. She has a biology degree from the big school.

Dr. Walden is an example of a medical professional who has plenty of ambition and determination. She has a genuine zeal for the universe of plastic surgery. She likes to find out about all of the most contemporary cosmetic surgery practices and concepts. She knows a lot about treatments that are minimally invasive. She helps people with facelifts, breast implants, body contouring, tummy tucks and more.

For details: www.healthgrades.com/physician/dr-jennifer-walden-x7hp3

Capitol Anesthesiology Association was founded in 1973. The firm is made up of more than eighty qualified physicians who specialize in Anesthesiology. Some of the services offered by CAA include Local Anesthesia, Regional Anesthesia, Cardiovascular Anesthesia, General Anesthesia, Obstetric Anesthesia, and Pediatric Anesthesia.

Some of the medical facilities served include Seton Medical Center, Seton Hays, Brackenridge Hospital, and Seton Shoal Creek Hospital. The Ambulatory Surgery Centers are Northwest Surgery Center, CAREOS, Strictly Pediatrics, Inspire Surgical Center, and Reproductive Medicine Associates among others.

CRNA’s and CAA physicians have supported several philanthropic organizations. Most of CAA’s Practitioners donate skills and time to support mission groups providing medical attention to underserved regions across the globe. Some of the community projects served in Austin Smiles, Eels on Wheels, Family Eldercare, and Partnerships for Children, and Operation Smile among others.

American Board of Anesthesiology authorizes CAA’s physicians. Some of the organization’s doctors are still in the process of board certification. Also, most physicians have pursued advanced training. The physicians have specialized in different fields of anesthesia such as Pediatric, cardiothoracic, and obstetric anesthesiology among others.

The Anesthesia process provided by CAA’s physicians is efficient and safe for patients. The process helps to alleviate anxiety and pain during, after, and before surgical procedures. The classifications of anesthesia provided comprise of Local, Regional, and General Anesthesia. General Anesthesia is applied when extensive surgery is performed. General Anesthesia is used when an individual is needed to be still and unconscious. On the other hand, Regional Anesthesia helps to control pain after an operation is done.