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Category: Making America Great

According to his Vizualize.me profile Kevin Seawright is one of the great minds in the business world and his reputation has surpassed his locational boundaries to reach the ends of the world. He is a financial expert with a good reputation in the industry and a wealth of experience. He has been rising up the ranks in this industry and today he heads the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation as the vice president. He is not only the vice president at NCEDC, but also the Chief Financial Officer. His experience is also drawn from the three years, 2011-2013 when he served as the vice president of operations and human resource in a different company.

The NCEDC was very excited to announce the appointment of Seawright as the new Chief Financial Officer. The company was very adamant that the skills, expertise, and experience that Seawright was bringing into the organization was crucial and it was going to guarantee financial growth in both the short-term and the long-term goals. He is an experiences capital manager and this is what NCEDC has on its strategic plans. The organization seeks to exploit Seawright’s skills and experience in the said field in order to foster growth and economic stability for posterity measures. Definitely, NCEDC have made the right choice by appointing Seawright based on his experience and expertise.

The company is based in America and it came into full operation in the year 2007. The NCEDC grew so fast and it was dealing in different aspects in the business spectrum until in 2014 when the organization reorganized its operations. It was after this major reorganization that the company changed its focus from the many areas of operation to concentrate majorly on business and mostly on small business enterprises. This was a great move considering the volatile economic environment that the world is experiencing.

NCEDC has been a major player in the efforts to establish economic pillars in Newark. The company has been very instrumental in support the real estate market that has seen Newark’s economy grow in a double digits measure over the last few years. The organization is actually a business development company that has been working hand in hand with investors to maximize on the business opportunities in Newark. Its success in doing so has actually promoted Newark as the nest great investment hub hence attracting investors from far and wide and at the same time stabilizing Newark’s economic strength.