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Category: Lobbyist

Who are your role models? When persons, notice a very effective campaign strategy, all of a sudden, the name of the campaign manager of the politician keeps cropping up. This is true, even after the campaign is over. Sometimes the campaign is so effective, that the winner allows the manager to maintain an office nearby, for awhile: the advice of this person has been so instrumental–in supplying political campaign success.

Into the picture steps business consultant–political analyst extraordinaire: Andrea McWilliams. It is not every day that political genius is born. It is not every day that political managers and advisers, of Andrea’s capabilities, come about–however, when they do: everyone takes notice.

Ms. McWilliams is well-recognized within the Austin Business Community. She has been a finalist with respect to being one of the top businesswomen in Texas. Her skillfulness has been recognized by the Austin Chamber of Commerce and the national local entity of the Girl Scouts. The preceding eminent organizations, however, are a mere sampling of the prominent institutions and entities. who have recognized Andrea McWilliams, for her personal business achievements.

Andrea McWilliams is well-touted, within a field that goes unexplored by many outstanding businessmen and women. The professional political analyst is not a commonality. This person is a well-adjusted thinker, a skillful communicator, an effective lobbyist, and, many times, can make things happen: that effectively change the rules of the game, within the political arena. Andrea McWilliams provides all of the preceding characteristics and then some. It is this type of thinking that gets McWilliams noticed, too, within the National Media. She has been reported upon and profiled by FOX News, ‘Newsweek’, and ‘The Wall Street Journal’, among many other well-respected news media organizations.

When the prosperous and influential require political insight, and associated performance, it is Andrea McWilliams whom they turn: without hesitation.