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Category: Licensed Medical Professional

Category: Licensed Medical Professional

There are certainly going to be a lot of people that are benefiting from what a company like Talkspace has to offer. This has become one of the hottest New York based companies around. It is truly giving people the chance to see how therapy can help them, but it presents people with the ability to get therapy in a non-conventional way. It is definitely something that is trendy because therapy through texting is incredibly unique.

There are therapists like Alicia Winkle that are part of the Talkspace family. These are licensed therapists that have the ability to provide people with help on issues that they may be too embarrassed to discuss with others. Alicia Winkle is someone that knows about many different mental health issues, and she takes great pride in helping those that are having these types of issues.

Winkle has stated that a lot of the passion that she has from the work that she has done comes with seeing the progress that her patients are making. There are certainly going to be a lot of patients that are interested in getting help, and Winkle likes to witness her clients getting better. She has spoken about how they are thankful for the help that they received and they make this known by telling her that they are thankful for her service.

There are a plethora of people that have personality disorders, and it takes someone like Alicia Winkle to help them see where they are having issues in their lives. There are times when Alicia Winkle may be helping those people that are actually married or working with a person with a personality disorder. Sometimes the counseling is needed for those people that have to connect daily with people that have personality disorders. Talkspace helps these people.