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It’s been a tradition in the U.S. for artists to hit the road and tell the story of the vast American landscape and its people. This tradition has increased value in times of national crisis when a country struggles because of political gridlock or an economic calamity. On such occasions, hearing the experiences faced by Americans, irrespective of where they live or their backgrounds can be invaluable.


In the multimedia project “The Greyhound Diaries,” Doug follows this tradition with a wide-ranging exploration of poverty in the U.S. in graphic, music and novel form. He also incorporates these artistic forms in his live shows. These shows merge photographic images he projects during the performances, personal experience, and telling stories in the form of song.


Doug has traveled most of his life and has over 100,000 greyhound miles offering narratives of his fellow travelers. The first step in his journey was a six-week bus tour which took place in late 2004. On this trip, he packed a guitar, a digital camera, and a duct-taped laptop. The primary purpose was to bring to light the narratives of the working poor and the least expected in our daily lives. By doing this, he got to tell a story that exists beyond the usual day to day captions.


Doug Levitt was born in 1972 and is the last born in his family. His family gave him the opportunity to enjoy the best possible education. After graduating from Woodrow High School, he attended Cornell University. He then managed to get a Fulbright Scholarship, went to study at the London School of Economics and then graduated with masters in Internal Relations.


Levitt settled on a career as a journalist for CNN and moving to London before he joined the artistic world. He says that growing up in Washington D.C. made it harder for him to understand the lower classes of society in the world. After living and working in London was when he decided to change his focus in life from journalism to music and examination of the lives of people struggling in society. His initial journey in 2004 across the United States formed the basis of “The Greyhound Diaries.”