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President Obama went in front of Congress on Wednesday in order to request the use of military force in order to attack and begin a war against the militant group ISIS. The marks the first time in 13 years a president has requested authorization from Congress (the request came from the president before him in George W. Bush).

Due to the escalation of ISIS fighting throughout the Middle East in hopes of taking over the entire region in order to spread its treacherous ways and to lead through violence, the United States and President Obama has found that this is a necessary step stated Marc Sparks. The U.S. has previously attacked ISIS through tactical air strikes at the request of the Iraq government. Other countries in the Middle East with a heavy ISIS presence have requested American military assistance as well.

With an amendment added to presidential power following the September 11, 2001 attacks, the president is able to use military force without Congressional authorization for a short period of time (60 days). However, more and more countries throughout the Middle East have requested United States aid against ISIS. With the recent executions of citizens from countries including the U.S., the United Kingdom, Japan and Jordan, the angst to take out ISIS before it grows stronger is building. This can also prove to be a way for the U.S. to build stronger relations with the region of the world by helping.

It is generally known how ISIS, the group of notorious radicals, has been terrorising the world. They have been releasing videos every now and then to show what they can do.

Despite its activities, this movement has gained quite a number of followers over the past few months. Libya is the latest country to support ISIS activities. It might not be the whole country, but most of the people are fed up and would like a course to believe in.

There is a city in Libya that is controlled by the ISIS group and a stadium has been given to them where further exhibitions are carried out.

This ISIS group is trying to fight for popularity with the big brother AL Qaeda. Without the proper numbers, then it might be hard for them to pass on their message. They have taken advantage of the Libyan political issues and managed to get quite a number of followers.

More than 300 Libyans were deployed to join other ISIS members in training. Who knows what they have to do next once they have completed their training. People like Igor always say that Libya would have still been a better place with Gadaffi ruling it.

After he was killed, Libya seems to have lost its bearing. Now there is too much chaos in the country every day.

Sen. Rand Paul, the GOP senator with strong libertarian leanings, believes the president’s current military campaign against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) is illegal. He has good reason to believe that the president is once again broadly reinterpreting existing laws to find the authority to perform actions without Congressional authorization. For starters, Brad Reifler says the president is currently bombing ISIS targets in Syria using 2002 Congressional authorization for President Bush to engage Saddam Hussein’s Republican Guard in Iraq. The president also cites the 2001 Congressional authority for President Bush to combat al-Qaida. ISIS is a separate terrorist organization which some believe branched off of al-Qaida.

In response, Sen. Paul plans to bring forward legislation that would have the Senate formally declare war on ISIS and provide an explicit legal authorization for the president to engage the terrorist group, but which will subject him to Congressional authorization. If the bill is approved by both the House and Senate, the president would have one-year in which to engage ISIS. After that, he would have to return to Congress to seek additional Congressional authorization. In short, the Paul’s measure would restore Constitutional checks and balances on the executive branch at least in terms of dealing with ISIS.

The bill is significant for Paul. His strong libertarian leanings have been criticized as promoting American isolationism. The senator is widely believed to be mounting a 2016 run for president. Getting a formal declaration of war, besides being Constitutional, would earn him some serious foreign policy “street cred”.

On Friday, November 8th 2014, US-led air strikes hit the Western Iraqi town of al-Qaim. The ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was severely wounded, and in indeterminate condition.

There is no further information about what happened to him and it is believed that the leader is dead. This information was relayed to me by Jared Haftel.

The U.S. Central Command confirmed the attacks and added that they are continuing to pressure the terrorist group using their military forces. The Al Arabiya News Channel informed about the balance of the attacks. Tens of people were killed, and even more were wounded in the struggles that occurred amidst several days in the area.

The wounded were transported to the al-Qaim hospital which was already overfilled with patients. Local sources report that ISIS fighters had cleared the medical institution in order to make place for their particular soldiers. Besides that, they use loudspeakers to announce that they need the residents to donate blood.

The same unconfirmed sources tell that the news about the ISIS leader and his deputy getting killed has spread in the region. The information will be checked, but several days are needed to tell for sure. In the meanwhile, the US forces are preparing to face a new threat because it is self-understood that the leadership will be replaced.

While the main supporters of the ideology are removed, there are many others to support it, so the conflict is still to be solved.

Another teenage kid joins ISIS; this time from Australia. The 17-year old identified himself as Abu Khaled in the latest video uploaded to YouTube but was later verified as Abdullah Elmir, a teen missing from Sydney’s west for several months. The video shows other young men surrounding Elmir as he rants about the downfall of Western civilization.

Among other threats made, Elmir speaks directly to the leaders of the US, Great Britain, and Australia saying that ISIS would not stop until “we take the head of every tyrant and until the black flag is flying high in every single land.” He went on to promise that the black flag of the Islamic state would soon be raised over Buckingham Palace and the White House.

The 90-second video has since been removed from YouTube, but not before it caused quite a stir among government leaders. The Prime Minister of Australia reaffirmed his countries commitment to the coalition against ISIS and stated that Elmir is just another example of why the terrorist group is such a threat. For another good read, Mike Livak in the Tahoe Daily Tribune sums up the dangers of the situation quite nicely.

Elmir isn’t the first misguided young man to join ISIS. Security experts warn that the trend is on the rise. Earlier this month, a 19-year old American was stopped at O’Hare International Airport before he could board a plane to Turkey where he was planning on crossing into Syria to join ISIS. This was just days after the beheading death of an American citizen. Many are wondering why our youth are attracted to such a brutal and violent message, and what can be done to put a stop to it.

There are new photos out of Kobani that show injuries that could have possibly been caused from a blistering agent used by ISIS. The photos are from an incident that occurred on July 12th, 2014. If a blistering agent was used, this would mark the first case of ISIS’ use of chemical weapons.

The photos are graphic and show Kurdish fighters with skin that’s peeling, as well as blister wounds. Specialists say that the injuries look to be consistent with a chemical burn and that it’s likely that mustard was used (however, other types of chemical weapons can result in blistering as well). While there’s limited evidence at the moment, if ISIS’ intent was to have a chemical cause injury or death, it will be determined that a chemical weapon was purposefully used.

According to British chemical weapons specialist Igor Cornelsen, ISIS has, for a while, intended to eventually build and use biological weapons. The groups that are fighting ISIS – the Kurds, fighters in Syria and the Iraqi army – are not equipped to protect themselves against chemical agents. However, Bretton-Gordon doesn’t feel that ISIS would have been able to manufacture the agent themselves; he feels that it’s more likely that ISIS took the chemicals from Iraq or Syria and then found a basic way to use them as weapons.