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Vincent Parascandola first began his rise to high acclaim back when he attended the Pace University where he devoted his time to working hard on his studies so that he could achieve his Bachelors in Science in the area of Computer Science upon his graduation from the university. Upon his acceptance of his degree Vincent went on to pursue his professional career through the act of taking on a position as the Systems Analyst for the Irving Trust Company back in the year of 1986 where he stayed for the following two years before leaving to join the company Prudential Insurance as an agent of the firm where he stayed for another two years of his professional career before taking things to the next level when he left in the year of 1990 when he went on to become Financial Professional for The MONY Group. Finding himself in a place where he could finally take his many skills to their fullest potential through the process of building up his portfolio within the company of The MONY Group through out his next 15 years working at the company. After three years as their financial Professional, Vincent Parascandola was promoted to the role of Sales Manager which he worked as for the next four years before again adopting a higher up position when Parascandola became Managing Director where he again stayed before the Field Vice President over the entire company of The MONY Group for seven years from 1998 through till 2005 when he left The MONY Group to join the team at AXA Equitable in May. Almost three years on from his first role in AXA Equitable as the Executive Vice President, Vincent Parascandola took on a job as the President of the Advantage Group and then later became the President over the Northern Division before later becoming the President of the Continental Division in July of 2009. Three and a half years later Vincent took on a second role in the Continental Division of AXA Equitable when he became CSO. Today he is the Senior Executive VP over AXA US.


Warren Buffett may have made a killing by sticking to passive indexes, not everyone agrees with his approach.

Following a challenge Buffett issued several hedge fund managers, where he wagered he could earn more than they could by sticking to S&P 500 passive index funds, investor Tim Armour pointed out that this strategy isn’t the most sound for increased returns.

Buffett’s success isn’t in question, only his methodology. In a recent op-ed, Armour pointed out that in order to secure returns investors shouldn’t worry so much about active and passive indexes. As market activity changes so do the potential for returns from either. Instead, investors, particularly those entering into the market for the first time, should look to fund managers and how much they’re invested in their own funds.

For Armour, this shows increased confidence in any particular fund’s ability to not only return to investors but to do so at an average that exceeds index benchmarks. It’s a method of investment Armour has himself applied at Capital Group Companies and he claims to have averaged 1.47% higher on benchmarks for his returns after fund expenses are factored in.

With the retirement population set for a boom with more people holding 401(k)’s than perhaps any other time, new investors are vulnerable to predatory practices by unscrupulous fund managers. Armour says to look out for these characters and identify the ones that stand to gain or lose with the success or failure of their own funds.

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About Timothy Armour

Timothy Armour holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from Middlebury College, which allowed him to transition to a career with Capital Group Companies.

Three decades of experience managing finance and investment, and learning about major developments in telecommunications, Armour was named Capital Research and Management Company’s Director and Principal Executive Officer.

Learn more about Timothy Armour at http://www.investmentnews.com/article/20150729/FREE/150729863/capital-group-parent-names-armour-chairman-replacing-rothenberg

Jeffrey’s Background


Jeffrey Schneider currently resides in Austin, Texas. He received his undergraduate BSc degree from the Amherst campus of the University of Massachusetts. After graduating, Schneider joined the financial services industry. Over the years, he gained unmatched experience by serving in several prominent investment firms.


Owing to over 20 years of experience, Jeffrey is a renowned financial consultant. Jeffrey understanding of alternative investments grew slowly, but surely, as he worked in the industry. He applied the knowledge and found Ascendant Capital, an internationally acclaimed alternative investment firm.


Ascendant Capital LLC


This enterprise primarily focuses on assets that fall within alternative investments, including real estate and private equities. Its priority is to appreciate the value of the property before selling them on. The company is aiming to attain maximum profits while spreading the risk across different assets.


Clients present their needs to the firm, which absorbs them and then issues appropriate advice. Moreover, Ascendant Capital consults customers on asset management and assists them in disseminating their goods to important markets.


In its short period of existence, the firm has witnessed an exponential growth. Credit has to be given to Jeffrey Schneider, whose archetypal governance has made this improvement possible. Revenues have soared, hitting the mercurial $1 billion mark within a short time. Over that period, the company has created employment for thirty people, up from the two pioneers.


Ascendant Capital is determined to offer individual treatment to each investor in their portfolio. Additionally, they provide post-sale support and education to their customers. As a result of this initiatives, the firm’s clientele is increasing every day. Statisticians have approximated a monthly revenue of $50 million within the year if the current rate remains constant.


Jeffrey Scheider is a role model to his employees. By working hard, he sets a positive template which his workers strive to match. Hard work translates into quality output which in turn, act as a client magnet.


Pastimes Activities


Jeffrey works hard, but he plays even harder. He actively participates in marathons and triathlon events. He is also a strict dietician and a travel enthusiast as demonstrated by his social media profiles, where he posts pictures of various scenic destinations.