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Paul Mampilly has been a professional investor since 1991. That’s ancient history for many of today’s investors, but it means he has seen both the best and the worst. Paul Mampilly saw the dot com bull market. He saw it dip in late 1997 thanks to the Asian currency crisis, then saw it go on to even greater heights. He suffered through the 2000 Tech Wreck. He was managing billions for one of the best hedge funds in the world when the stock market began going up again, along with real estate. During the 2008-2009 financial crash, a fund he managed for the John Templeton Foundation went from $50 million to $78 million for a 76% return. And he did that without shorting stocks, during the worst economy since the Great Depression. In March 2009, the Dow Jones Industrial Average was less than 50% of its November 2007 high.

And Paul Mampilly has been watching how the stock market has continued to go up every since March 2009. Now that the market is suffering some down days, he recently wrote a blog post telling people, now is not the time to sell. The Dow Jones will reach 50,000, and then go up from there. He understands many people are worried when the market goes down. But that is natural and inevitable. No bull market in history has ever gone straight up. But when you sell your stocks out of fear, and the market goes back up, you feel frustrated by missing out. Mampilly doesn’t want his subscribers to miss the tremendous bull market.

Paul Mampilly points out there’s little chance this market will crash as it did in 2008. The stock market reflects the underlying economy. Future sales and earnings drive the stock market, and those numbers are solid. Business conditions are extremely favorable right now. Every large economy around the globe is now expanding because business conditions are good for everybody. 10 out of 11 market sectors reported higher earnings estimates in January. The Federal Reserve is slowly raising interest rates, but historically they are still quite low. Yet inflation remains extremely low.

As Paul Mampilly been saying since 2016, this bull is running to 50,000 and beyond. He doesn’t advise selling stocks in general. If you are sitting on cash now, he advises everyone to buy the stocks he recommends in the newsletter he writes for Banyan Hill Publishing, Profits Unlimited.

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Agora Financial is creating a whole new way for investors to look at the financial market. This is a company that has been able to help investors down through the years as they look for better opportunities to invest their money. This company has two consultants in place that can help people that are really interested in building a better portfolio based on financial information that they received through Agora.

People that are interested in knowing what the market is doing should consider what the experts from Agora have to provide. There are a plethora of different experts in place, and they have unbiased knowledge that can help people gain the financial independence that they seek.

When people are investing in stocks to build a nest egg that has the highest rate of return they are going to want to look at the possibilities that come with investment strategies. There are even free financial strategy reports like the “7 Ways to Begin Living Smarter” that can help investors turn their lives around.

It is good to have this type of information in life because so much is built on your ability to make the decisions in the moment. Investors that want to see their portfolio thrive must have confidence in the information that they acquire. It is going to be pertinent because it plays a big part in their investment success. Anyone that fails to acknowledge what it takes to build a better investment portfolio now will not be able to reap the benefits of maximized returns later.

Many people have beat themselves up over the investments that they could have made if they had only had knowledge of the financial literacy that would help them make investment decisions. Agora Financial is this financial literacy company that changes investor perspective.

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Agora Financial is doing a lot of positive things when it comes to helping people sort out their investments. This has become the company that people look for when they want to maximize their portfolios and build completely different strategies for investing. Agora Financial has definitely become one of the most interesting companies because it keeps people aware of all of the market changes that are going to affect the things that they put their money into.

The people that do not take the time to do their research are going to have a hard time with investing. It is going to be beneficial to anyone that is serious about what they are trying to do with their time to wisely put their money towards investment opportunities that are designed to make their portfolios grow instead of shrink.

Everyone can benefit from some advice when it comes to investing. No one has everything figured out, and it can be beneficial to listen to analysts and what they have to say about investing.

It is going to be very beneficial for investors to subscribe to Agora Financial because this company has publications that can alter portfolios in a positive way. People that have never given much consideration to how they can improve their portfolio will benefit from something like market watch publications that the editors bring to Agora financial customers. People need to know what is happening in the market when it comes to day trading and all of their mutual funds and stocks that are fluctuating each day. The stock market is unstable. Without the advice to be one step ahead of the other investors it can be hard to consistently turn a profit. That is why Agora Financial is an excellent resource for those people that want positive change and more information click here .


Since 1842, Laidlaw & Company has been bringing success to investors all over the world. They have made an amazing name for themselves due to their commitment to excellence. The financial products of Laidlaw & Company outperform most competitors. Emerging growth companies can take advantage of the investment banking tools that Laidlaw & Company have set up for these types of corporations. Individuals and institutions can take advantage of the wealth management tools that Laidlaw & Company have at their disposal. Whether you are a part of an emerging growth company, an institution looking for proper asset allocation, or an individual looking for wealth management, Laidlaw & Company is the right choice for you.

With 170 years of investment knowledge, Laidlaw & Company can confidently invest in the right areas of the financial markets. This experience is what James Ahern Laidlaw & Company one of the most well respected investment banking and wealth management firms in the world. Laidlaw & Company comes to the table with an out of the box style of thinking that allows investors and companies to get the most out of their capital investment. The future looks very bright for Laidlaw & Company as they boldly venture into the future of the financial markets.

Each client and business is unique. So there is going to be a need of a different amount of
care and diligence when it comes to each business. Some of these business are more complex and independent than others. Extra care is needed especially when there is going to be a change in management which often results in a change in how the business is run. Sometimes, the capital structure to the business is significantly changes as well. It is up to the people who have been granted trust to look for some extra assurance in order to make sure nothing goes wrong with the deal. In order to handle these transactions, a firm is often needed. Madison Street Capital is one of the more trustworthy firms.

Madison Street Capital has proven itself for more than 10 years when it comes to working with clients in these types of transactions. For one thing, these transactions tend to be very complicated and the wrong firms could cause everything to go wrong. They work with the client in order to determine the absolute value of the business. They identify all of the strengths of the business so that they can help the client decide as to whether or not to sell the business to the other client. It is important to Madison Street Capital that the new owner of the business keeps a lot of the strengths going even though there will be differences in the new ownership.

Madison Street Capital sits down with their clients in order to help them figure out what is best for the clients. For one thing, they look to the best interests of the client. This is what makes them so trustworthy. They also look to best interests of the middle market business. They want to make sure that the business is going to wind up in good hands.

Another good thing about Madison Street Capital is that they provide opinions for businesses as an independent third party. They are especially eager to help growth firms as well as mid-sized businesses. There is no business transaction that is too complex for them to handle. They also provide their clients with their honest and accurate assessment. They let their clients know what they expect for their business when it goes into the hands of another owner as it depends on the owners history with his other business.

So today I learned about this company, Madison Street Capital. They are a company that is fighting for the little guy. What this company does is they offer their services to any business owner who might need a little helping hand getting themselves off the ground. They will sit with you, work with your business strategy and figure out what the best course of action for you is. One of the nice things about Madison Street Capital is the fact that they do something most other companies wouldn’t dream of doing. They will tell you the cold hard truth, even if it means losing you as a perspective client.

If they feel like your heading down the wrong road, or doing something completely wrong, they will have no issues telling you that. I think they reason they do this is because they would rather give you the truth even if it hurts, and hope you see it that way and continue to grow, then to lie to you, make a little money and then watch you drive your business to the ground. They are the hand to hold for most new businesses that just are not quite sure what they need to be doing. They will literally hold your hand through the process to try to make your company the best that it can be. I personally believe this company is something we’ve been needing for a long time, and I feel it’s nice to finally see a company that is willing to put money and clients aside to tell them how something needs to be done, and that they are doing something wrong. There is no need to sugar coat things in the business world, if your messing up, someone needs to stand up and tell you, and that is where Madison Street Capital comes in. Charles Botchway is the CEO of Madison Street Capital and he believes with the current way the world is run, all the successful business owners don’t want to help the new business owners which is causing companies that could succeed and flourish to fail just because there isn’t someone to give them a push in the right direction, or someone that can answer questions. That’s where he comes in, he had a vision for a great company to help and assist smaller business owners. And for that, I respect him and would love to one day shake his hand and tell him, thanks for helping the little man.

BMG is a Brazilian financial institution that has been in operation since 1930. Ricardo Annes Guimaraes, a member of the Pentagna Guimaraes family that controls that bank, leads the firm. BMG as a brand is well known throughout Brazil because of its sales strength and its capability to read major market shifts. BMG undertakes its functions with high standards of integrity. In order to enhance their operational excellence, the institution has integrated its functions with the latest technologies.
The financial institution has registered massive success under the stewardship of Ricardo Guimaraes. Ricardo is the current president and chief executive officer of BMG. He prefers to work with a professional team. Ricardo has been working with professional teams with the objective of streamlining the bank’s operations in line with set industry rules and regulations. This move has enabled BMG to comply with all the industry requirements without getting into scandals throughout the 80 years that it has been in operation. Its board of director is made up of 40 % of independent members. The independent members include the chairperson of the different committees. The financial institution upholds its code of ethics that is available for all its shareholders, internal audit and anti money laundering program. The bank has a strategic investor relations department that has been pivotal in enhancing cordial relations with the investors.
The highest priority of BMG has been to work with top-notch credit portfolios. The financial institution focuses on augmenting its credit policy that is conservative and cautious. A credit committee is responsible for making decision on any credit program in a design that complies with the bank’s standards of intelligence and efficiency.
Aware of its conservative profile, BMG has sought to increase the profitability from its products. Such profitability is guaranteed by ensuring quality for its customer portfolio and responsible credit. BMG is also working on developing new enterprises that meet the client needs and those that create value to the organization. In order to meet client’s expectations and add value to the institution, the bank has made up pillars to support this initiative. The pillars are centered on profitability that comes from growing the loan portfolio, asset quality that aims at creating a quality credit portfolio and human capital where the bank is focused on assembling a high performance team. Such pillars also constitute operational efficiency that seeks at building a strong corporate structure. The company aims at diversify its funding sources in a bid to improve on its profitability margins.

Madison Street Capital, the international investment firm, has its hands in airport services, advertising, commercial printing, data processing, human resources, IT consulting, office services and supplies and several other industries. The company executives arrange cost-effective financing, and they produce capitalization structures that maximize client’s needs. Charles Botchway, the CEO of Madison Street Capital, and his team match buyers and sellers, design cost-effective financing and provide excellent advisory services. The company’s team of advisors are experts at mergers and acquisitions and business evaluations.
Chief Operating Officer Anthony Marsala and advisor Kevin Owen have been intently watching the oil saga for the last several months because of their association with Integrated Oil Company. Marsala and Owen think the U.S. production of oil is finally making Saudi Arabia reduce their oil price. That’s a big move, and Marsala and Owen are prepared to take advantage of it. Saudi Arabia has been dragging its feet on reducing oil prices even though other members of OPEC have done so. The state-run oil company made some deep price cuts on the oil they sent to the United States and Asia recently. The interesting point to the Madison Street Capital team is the Saudi government has not cut production. The country believes the new price of their oil will motivate more buying.
Crude oil has lost more than 50 percent of its value in 2015, and there are some definite winners and losers because of that price drop. Some stock losers like Chevron, BP, and Shell can afford the drop and many investors like the Madison Street Capital team know this has prompted some major investors to buy stock in these companies. The oil scenario is a typical example of how Madison Street Capital helps their clients. The company advisors know when the time is right to buy and when to sell, and that is an art that is hard to learn.
Madison Street Capital helps their clients from their Chicago office, but the company also has a presence in Asia and Africa. Their international connections help the company identify investment opportunities before the rest of the market. Saudi Arabia’s price drop is just one example of how tuned in the executives of Madison Street Capital are to investment news. The company has the ability to react quickly because of its size. Madison Street Capital investors know time is money in the deal-making world

Gold is a popular investment, particularly during bad economic times when it typically acts as a counter to down markets. People often purchase gold as a hedge against these down turns as well as a way of limiting inflation risk and it is highly recommended to purchase at least some gold for your portfolio. But what is the best method for holding gold? There are many options each with their pluses and minuses.

Gold bullion is the purest form of gold that can be owned and is basically just a gold block. While this provides pure exposure to gold it needs to be stored and maintained and is only available in set denominations. While owning gold bullion makes sense for some individuals, it doesn’t for all and in particular smaller sized investors who have to turn to alternative ways of investing.

Many smaller investors will turn to gold electronically traded funds (ETFs) that purchase gold bullion and store it on behalf of the investors. While this provides investors with the benefit of the pure exposure to gold and no additional time spent to store the gold, gold ETFs do charge a management fee for their operating costs.

Some people choose to invest in gold mining companies but the value of these companies can be significantly impacted by factors outside of the price of gold. This can be good or bad depending on the underlying company and their success in mining, as well as their management’s competence. This can be confusing to a new investor who is not familiar with gold markets and trading and expert advise is often needed to find the right gold investments.

Finally, other options include purchasing gold jewelry and gold coins and holding these as investments. There are unique benefits and risks to each as both can retain value above and beyond the intrinsic value of the gold in the coins themselves and can be repurchased into bullion if their value declines below the value of gold. However, it sometimes takes an expert eye to understand and locate bargains with gold jewelry and coins.

Gold investing, as we have seen, can be confusing and it is important to gain the expertise and experience of professionals to help to locate the best way to invest, given your unique situation. That is where a firm like US Money Reserve, Inc. can step in and provide you with the assistance that you need in locating the right gold investments and understanding how to purchase gold in the best way for you. Reach out to US Money Reserve, Inc. to learn about the services that they offer to current and potential gold investors so that you can gain the gold investments you need for your portfolio.

Gold is considered the best form of investment in comparison with all other precious metals. Investors buy gold in order to diversify risks. After the start of the Eurozone crisis, Chinese investors in 2011 began to look into gold as an avenue of investment as an alternative to investing in the Euro. The gold market, like any other market, features speculation and volatility. Historically, gold has been used as money. Gold has also been used as a measure of the standard for currency value in various regions and countries.

The price of gold, like any other product, is influenced by forces of demand and supply. However, saving and disposal play a greater role in affecting the price than consumption. The Central Bank and IMF play a major role in gold price. The price of gold is more or less determined by interest rates. An increase in the interest rates causes the price of gold to fall since gold earns no interest. A decrease in interest rates leads to the rise in the price of gold. Due to this, the price of gold is closely correlated to central banks’ interest rates that arise from their monetary policy decisions. The investment vehicles available to gold investment are listed below.

The most traditional method used in gold investment is buying of bullion gold bars. In countries like as Switzerland and Canada, trading in bullion bars takes place in major banks. There are also other dealers buy and sell the bullion bars. The bars come in various sizes.

Gold coins are also a common way of making an investment in gold. The price of Bullion coins is derived the fine weight. A small premium is added to the price that is derived from demand and supply. The size of the coins varies.

Gold certificates are also used for investment and help the investor to avoid risks and costs that arise from the transfer or movement and storage of bullion, e.g. theft, by being issued with another set of risks and costs that arise from the certificate itself, e.g. commissions.

The US Money Reserves is among the largest distributors of US Government-issued gold, silver and platinum coins. The coins are produced the US mint and are backed up fully by the US government. Since its inception, the company has shipped more than 1 million coins and offers a 30 day money-back guarantee on its certified coins.