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Category: Investment Firm

Jeffry Schneider is the president of Ascendant Capital, LLC, a company located in Austin that organizes capital raising campaigns for new and veteran sponsors in the alternative asset fund arena. He built this firm on a stable foundation of all-inclusive sales, marketing, operational services, and marketing services as well as an outstanding strategy for financial restructuring. Ascendant Capital has an international presence due to its ability to work with a network of broker-dealers, certified investment consultants, private banks, and family offices.




Jeffry Schneider garnered several professional skills while holding both junior and senior roles at some of the prominent financial firms. He mastered alternative investment strategies and tricks for cultivating relationships with his ever-expanding pool of clients. He also gained the skill of converting prospective clients into paying customers. Paradigm Global Advisors was impressed with Jeffry’s stellar record and appointed him to its executive team in 2012. While working for this fund of funds, he gained another vital skill – manager analysis. He utilized his skills set, deep industry knowledge, and extensive network to start Ascendant Capital.


Growth of Ascendant Capital


Ascendant Capital has reported a fast growth since its launch. It has grown from a two individuals firm to an over 30 individuals company. Jeffry Schneider-led team has successfully raised about $1 billion for many managers. The company collaborates with many family offices, up to 250 investment advisors, and more than 50 broker-dealers. The raised capital has been spent in auto dealerships, real estate acquisition, and technology companies. Jeffry seeks to maintain the current growth trend of Ascendant Capital. This year, Jeffry is targeting to raise $50 million per month. Jeffry Schneider holds a degree that was issued by the University of Massachusetts.


What is the primary driver of Ascendant’s success?


Ascendant Capital has built an entrepreneurial culture within its workplace. Employees enjoy handling projects collectively and brainstorming to develop new ideas. The environment promotes consultation and builds trust and respect among team members. Jeffry has succeeded in transforming Ascendant Capital into a reputable firm that handles clients with utmost respect and honesty. Although the company has a broad range of interests, it prioritizes the demands and needs of the investors.