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Spring has Sprung! It is finally that time of year again, and with it comes the annual task of spring cleaning! Spring cleaning is just the thing to breathe life back into your home, and spring cleaning is said to even have amazing psychological benefits for both you and your family. Only if you can find the time, right? There never seems to be enough time in today’s busy and demanding world. Luckily, technology has been created to make the demanding day-to-day life a little less hectic by bringing customers online and mobile applications that can deliver almost anything one might need. From groceries to a handyman, consumers can shop and purchase directly from their smart phones.

Handy Home Cleaning Services has expanded on that idea, and launched an online service that allows consumers to order and purchase cleaning services! Yes, they will send professionals over to take care of that long list of spring cleaning chores! In 60 seconds you can schedule a cleaning service with one of Handy’s experienced cleaning professionals, and Handy guarantees your home will be serviced by a friendly and back-ground checked professional. Handy Home Cleaning Services even offer customers a 100% money back guarantee if customer satisfaction is not met by their cleaning professional. Handy makes the online ordering process even easier by offering customers an downloadable smart phone app that allows customers to book appointments, manage scheduling requests, and even pay for the services! Spring cleaning is done in less than 60 seconds with just the click of a button. Download the Handy Home Cleaning Services app today, and breathe a sign of relief when your spring cleaning is complete!