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Category: Hiring Cleaners

Category: Hiring Cleaners

Handy has come a long way from being a home cleaning service provider to the multitude of services they provide in the present day. While many similar startups have perished in this time span, Handy remains in good shape and ever growing. Among the fallen was the main competitor for Handy, Housejoy. Housejoy fell flat after giving Handy a tough competition for several months.

So how has Handy survived the onslaught while others have fallen around them? They have not only stood the test of time in United States but have started giving their services in Canada and the UK as well. The reasons for their success are probably manifold.

Firstly, no service provider is actually going to sustain if they provide services that do anything less than delight the customer. Handy provides next day bookings and a money back guarantee. Perhaps most importantly, they take good care while selecting their service providers. Proper background check is ensured for each and every service provider. In fact, only 3 are selected out of every 100 that apply after interviews and verifications.

Keeping their ‘employees’ happy is another key to their success. The above mentioned Housejoy crumbled because of improper handling of their human resource. Handy makes sure that their handymen get to decide whether to take up a job or not and are paid taxable money. With the number of jobs requested increasing by the day, the freelancers are never short of work too. Most of them treat this as a full-time job.

Finally, diversifying both geographically and in terms of their portfolio has also paid rich dividends to the home cleaning company. Though they started with just house cleaning, they have steadily diversified into the fields of plumbing, electrical work, furniture assembly and all other types of work that a handyman can do. Handy has also diversified geographically and their services are available in 32 cities across the USA.

The entry strategies chosen have also been well thought of and pragmatic. For example, they entered the furniture assembly business by initially only assembling IKEA furniture. They slowly diversified themselves and now offer services for brands. To start with only IKEA was a wise move because it is the most popular brand of furniture and it is easier to find experienced service providers who assemble IKEA furniture than any other brand. Also, the job flow would also be sufficient as so many IKEA items are sold every day. Once their capability was built in assembling IKEA furniture and they earned themselves a name by excellent customer service, then only they decided to move to other brands.

All these factors contributed to the rapid growth of the company and by October 2014, handy was getting more than $1 million per week in bookings.