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Category: Hillary Clinton

Hillary has been ahead in the Democratic polls long before she even announced her bid for the Presidency. It would now appear, though that her giant lead ahead of all other Democrats might be coming to an end. Independent Democrat Bernie Sanders is closing the distance between himself and Clinton.

A brand new survey was taken in the state of New Hampshire. It asked the voters to say who they would be most likely to vote for in the democratic primary. Clinton was still in the lead with a total of 44 percent of those surveyed. Sanders received 33 percent of the surveyed votes. Joe Biden came in third at eight percent.

It is true that Clinton is still in the lead, but this shows that could change at any moment. So far none of the other Democratic hopefuls have come as close to Clinton as Sanders now has. What makes this even more interesting is in the 2008 Clinton won the primaries in the state of New Hampshire ahead of Obama.

Presently Clinton continues to hold the democratic nomination in the national polls. Sanders cannot yet get above 20 percent in the same polls. Keith Mann wonders: will Clinton keep the staggering democratic lead or will Sanders continue to decrease the distance? What happens now is anyone’s guess.